It’s Monday and I’m reading Flavia de Luce

itsmonday“It’s Monday! What are you reading?” is a weekly event hosted by Sheila at Bookjourney to share with others what we’ve read the past week and planning to read next.


Last week…



Wee Reader and I made baking powder biscuits!








Bought Halloween buckets




Played ‘construction site’ in a bin full of soy beans, rice and lentils



Ate persimmon after persimmon. Thanks to a generous friend and her bountiful tree!




It’s Sunday morning and it’s a bit chilly. It actually is starting to feel like fall in the Bay Area. We had a rather cloudy and drizzly Saturday and as we are in a drought it’s so very nice to see rain, even if it’s just a splattering.




The Dead in their Vaulted Arches (Flavia de Luce #6) – Alan Bradley
Bradley left us with quite the cliffhanger in the previous book. So I was wanting to see what he made of that.



The Hand that First Held Mine – Maggie O’Farrell

Bought this a few months ago and am finally reading it! I first read Maggie O’Farrell in 2011 (my thoughts on her debut After You’d Gone) and thought wow I must read more of her books. Of course it has only taken me three years to get to another of hers. I’m enjoying it so far!





Ok so I paused on The Walking Dead because I was at that episode where the Governor reappeared (boo!!). Funny how I can stomach the blood and gore of zombies but not this man. I’m sure something major is going to happen but to be honest, I don’t feel ready to watch it yet. I need to brace myself, to steel myself before I can watch this now! I decided to go for something happier and watched Gilmore Girls instead (for the zillionth time).

This jazzy Japanese music I found on a Spotify playlist

A walnut-filled brownie from Whole Foods which the Husband insisted on buying (and to which I didn’t say no). I miss adding nuts to baked goods! We don’t do that at home because of Wee Reader’s nut allergy – and are very careful when eating anything with nuts at home.

Jasmine tea

I’m thinking of prepping ahead a kale-broccoli-chicken-cheese-rice/pasta bake that I can pop in the oven on Monday evening for dinner, taking this Smitten Kitchen recipe as inspiration. I wish I could use wild rice but the kids won’t eat it! And while the oven is on, bake some sweet potatoes for the kids’ lunches.
Other things to cook this week:
– chicken wings braised in a soy and oyster sauce marinade (here’s a recipe similar to what I’m cooking, although mine is alcohol-free), to be eaten with stirfried sugar snap peas and carrots and served with steamed Jasmine rice
– I’ll cook extra rice and make fried rice another day, probably with Chinese sausage (lapcheong), broccoli and whatever vegetables lying around.
– panko-crusted pork chops with Brussels sprouts and either couscous or that Harvest Grains mix from Trader Joe’s

Last week…

I read:

Strangers in Paradise #4 – Terry Moore

There are still two more books to go. Then I’ll sit down and try to write something up about this series. I wasn’t sure I would like it when I began (partly because of these covers that seem to give the wrong impression) but I feel so vested in the story now!


The Iron Ring – Lloyd Alexander

Hmmm there were so very many characters in this book that sometimes I got confused. But I liked the story, about a young king in India who sets out on a journey to regain his honor, and meets many people and animals whom he helps and who help him in return. Interestingly, it was published in 1997 although it feels very much older than that.


I posted:

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       Bloodchild and other stories by Octavia Butler     


What are you reading this week?


  1. Looking at the cover of Strangers in Paradise, wouldn’t make me pick up an issue either. How do you eat a persimmon?! My mom brought some home last year and they were never touched.


    1. Persimmons: It depends on which type you have! There are the squat orange types that look like a tomato, called Fuyu. And these can be eaten crunchy. I usually just wash and slice, removing the leaves. They don’t have seeds and the skin can be eaten. If you take a look at my photo, the Fuyus are the two orange ones in the middle.
      The other Hachiya persimmons, usually red and I guess, acorn-shaped, HAVE to be eaten when soft. Otherwise, as I have found out, you get that horrendous cotton-mouth taste. Yuck. But when soft and ripe, it is so sweet. Sweeter than the Fuyu. But the texture might take some getting used to, as it’s a bit jelly-like!
      I’ve never baked with persimmons but I can imagine that a persimmon cake would be awesome.
      Oh dried persimmons are great too!


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