It’s Monday and I’m reading Cleopatra


itsmonday“It’s Monday! What are you reading?” is a weekly event hosted by Sheila at Bookjourney to share with others what we’ve read the past week and planning to read next.

Here’s what happened last week:





I made japchae again with sugar snap peas, cabbage and carrots, this time I served it with breaded pork chops



And a crispy skinned roasted chicken legs with roasted vegetables – potatoes, butternut squash and carrots.



Another day, Wee Reader’s absolute favourite dish: mac and cheese (I use Pioneer Woman’s recipe – I figure she knows a lot about cheesy things), and served it with a cabbage and sausage fry-up.




The Husband and I (and Wee-er Reader – Wee Reader was in preschool) went out for lunch and I had a falafel sandwich with red lentil soup. I seldom eat out on weekdays so it was a nice treat. Plus the falafels here are the best!




This is more of my typical lunch. Roast beef sandwich on a bagel. Or really my typical lunch is leftovers! This was a rare day when Wee-er Reader actually had a nap in the late morning and I had a quick and very early lunch to myself. Which is why the book.




Cleopatra: A life – Stacy Schiff



Can’t We Talk about Something More Pleasant? – Roz Chast

A bit depressing to be honest, but it’s an interesting look at her life and her parents’ lives.

Ghost Brigades – John Scalzi


After finishing Scalzi’s Old Man’s War, I immediately downloaded the next book in the series! Because it was a rather exciting read. Here’s hoping this one is too.

Worn Stories – Emily Spivack


While Cleopatra is interesting, it isn’t the quickest of reads, and I wanted something on the Kindle for a quicker read. And it was a good thing too, as Sunday’s nap time was not going well for the younger one, who cried and cried in the crib (his older brother sound asleep in the same room!), so we had to take him out in the stroller and walk walk walk. I had my gloves on and this book on the Kindle!


More of The Good Wife season five. I finally got to the episode where THAT THING HAPPENED. I knew it was going to get there, I saw it in news headlines even. But I was not expecting to feel that way. Shocked, saddened. I’ve not cried so much over a TV episode before!! I think it’s the way they shot it. The way it was portrayed, the way the news was broken, each person’s shock and realization breaking me just a little bit more again.


Suede! Oh this song just takes me back to school days!


Carrot Cake!


Assam tea


For dinner tonight, slow cooker pot roast with mashed potatoes. I made the mashed potatoes on Sunday and will warm it up later with additional milk/butter. For the rest of the week:

– teriyaki chicken, rice, stir fried kale and mushrooms

– spaghetti with spinach, tomatoes and salmon

Well that’s all I’ve got so far! I’ll probably end up making some kind of noodle dish. And I was thinking of making a soup, although not sure what kind of soup yet!

Last week…

I read:



LA Son: My Life, My City, My Food – Roy Choi

LOVED THIS BOOK. I am going to write about it soon, I promise! I’m hoping to try out one of the recipes before I write about it!


Old Man’s War – John Scalzi

I loved the thought process that went behind this book. Hey how about if old people, as in age 75,  were called up to war? As in intergalactic space war against aliens, trying to save colonists on other planets, that kind of thing. You’re probably wondering, how can the elderly fight? Well, that’s what I wanted to know, and that’s what John Perry signed up to find out! The writing isn’t very much to shout about, but it’s a fun ride. And GAAHHH there are more books in this series!!

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What are you reading this week?



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