#AMonthofFaves – Introduction!


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For the very first topic of our month of December favorites, tell us a little about YOU and your reading this year! Do you have a sense of any trends in your reading this year? Favorite genres or authors? How much you read in print vs. e-reader or audio? Give us an overview! 

Hello! My name is Sharlene, Olduvai is an online nickname I’ve been using for years as I’ve had a little obsession with archaeology since I was a kid. I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area but am originally from Singapore. I’m a full-time mum to my 3.5-year-old and 1.5-year-old boys, which means my house is full of cars and trucks and all kinds of things that move. That applies to the books we read too! I manage to convince them to sit for a quiet reading time once in a while – I read my own books and they ‘read’ their own. But that doesn’t work for too long before they’re off and running again! So I just try to read as much as I can before I go to sleep.

I try to read across a variety of genres. The bulk of it is still fiction, but I love graphic novels, some SF and fantasy, and dabble in a little nonfiction here and there too, especially in Nonfiction November! I try to make it a point to read works by authors from outside the US and this year I’ve managed to do quite a bit of that through graphic novels/memoirs. So this year is probably my year of international graphic novels and graphic memoirs!

As for e-books, they are my lifesaver! It’s not always easy to get to the library with two littles in tow – sure they want to go to the library, but that’s just to play in the kids’ section! Dragging them to the adult section to browse is never going to happen…not with someone else to watch them! But in just a few minutes I can browse my library’s e-book catalogue and download books! Woohoo! I’m guessing that half or more of the books I read are e-books!

And that’s a quick look at my reading year so far! How has yours been?


  1. Your house sounds like my house! I’m a full-time mom to an almost 4 yr old boy and an almost 2 yr old girl. And – the e-reader is my lifesaver as well! There is no way I’d read half as much as I do if I had to read real books. So, I’m a 100% electronic girl!
    Looking forward to your posts this month!


  2. My reading definitely didn’t pick up until Z went to preschool. Still, you do your best and, from what I see on Instagram, you are certainly instilling a love of reading in your little ones’ minds!


  3. My library has a decent ebook selection, but not a great one. But, I can browse the catalog at home and put physical books on hold, so I can get in and out with my books in five minutes if I need to. Of course, I still LIKE to browse… but I have a feeling that hold feature is going to come in handy once I have my own little one to take care of.


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