#AMonthofFaves : 5 books that made me cry

amonthoffavesBefore I begin, you ought to know that I’m the kind of person that tears up at a tissue commercial.

Ok not exactly, but I’m the kind of person who does tear up at those moments when watching movies/TV series. Two recent-ish episodes of The Good Wife made me cry buckets – I had a mountain of tissues piled up after watching! If you watch that show, you probably can guess which episodes I mean…

Anyway, I don’t really cry that much when it comes to books though. Maybe it’s the lack of build-up-the-momentum music. Maybe books ought to come with a soundtrack??

But I did tear up when reading these books!


The White Bone – Barbara Gowdy

Yes that is an elephant on the cover because this book is a story about elephants – elephant time, elephant space, elephant myth, elephant communication. You sink yourself into a herd of elephants and their lives are just beautiful and sad. Poachers. The harsh landscape. Death. Ugh, it gives me the chills to think about this again.


Strangers in Paradise #6 – Terry Moore

Please ignore that cover. This series of comics, of which this is the last book, focuses on the friendship between two women, amid some odd circumstances. The covers of the books don’t really do the series justice, in my opinion! I loved reading all of the books but when it came to this one, although the reader already knows that one of the characters is dying, well, it still made me tear up.


Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? – Roz Chast

Aging parents, death and dying. Not the most pleasant of topics but Chast has managed to make me laugh in this graphic memoir. And also cry when the inevitable happened. The pages where there are no graphics, just handwritten descriptions of what she witnessed, stand out the most. A truly unforgettable book.



Ruby – Cynthia Bond

One of the most devastating books I have ever read (my thoughts here). Brutal and painful, yet beautifully written, and with such heart. Not sure if I teared up out of anger or sadness.


Drood – Dan Simmons

Tears of relief after I finished this long-winded monster of a book (775 pages). I’m just kidding. I didn’t cry over Drood, I just couldn’t find a fifth book that I read this year to conclude.

What book has made you cry recently? Or do you prefer to avoid that sort of thing? 





  1. Books don’t make me cry as often as movies, for some reason, but I remember you mentioning the Roz Chast book, and it really seems an excellent book.


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