It’s Monday and I’m reading The Dream Thieves

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I’ve spent the last couple of days nursing a bad cough. The kind that gets you up several times at night hacking away. My mother-in-law has been simmering barley and winter melon with some rock sugar for a cooling drink. Also, in case you too have a cough and don’t have access to barley and winter melon, beer is cooling too! 🙂


Speaking of alcohol, my father-in-law enjoyed his trip to our local BevMo, buying root beer, ales and cider. Alcohol in Singapore is on the expensive side (as most things in Singapore are – it is the land of the $100,000+ Honda Civic after all), so he always makes a BevMo stop when he visits.


And other exciting things that happened, my sister in Singapore sent me some books by local authors! And a very cute Christmas postcard!


We also survived #hellastorm #stormageddon or whatever else they were calling the great storm of December 11. And we’re due for another on Monday.   Thankfully the storm didn’t hit my town too hard. Sandbags were offered, roads were closed, we had bought extra batteries and torchlights but didn’t need to use them as our power stayed on. We were the lucky ones – some half a million homes in California were without power for quite a while.





Wee Reader and I made Christmas cookies!





My mother-in-law made big pots of chicken curry and sayur lodeh, a vegetable curry.




Little, Big – John Crowley

It is a strange and wondrous world that Crowley has created. There is a hue of dreaminess, a fairytale-like shade about this book. It’s kind of meandering but rather fascinating.


The Dream Thieves – Maggie Stiefvater

Part two of the trilogy. I’ve only just started but judging by the first book, this ought to be interesting.


A Natural History of Dragons – Marie Brennan

I’ve also just started this one but the beginning is already a good read.


We recently introduced my father-in-law to Spotify by playing all sorts of oldies or rather, getting him to name his favourite songs like A Lover’s Concerto by The Toys, and playing them for him. He’s caught on to the giant library and has apparently been listening to music on Spotify till late at night!


I was curious about Marco Polo, the new Netflix series, and just started watching the first episode. Have you seen it yet?




Green tea


Oxtail stew! I love oxtail but the Husband doesn’t. So I have to wait until either my parents or my in-laws visit till I get to cook and eat some!

Also we bought a big bag of spinach from Costco the other day and I’ll probably use it with spaghetti, maybe with sausage or salmon.

Last week…

I read:

West of Sunset – Stewart O’Nan

Review to come


Life After Life – Kate Atkinson

I’m trying to figure out what to write about this. Check back soon.

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What are you reading this week?