It’s Monday and what a weekend of feasting we had!

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Good Monday to you! We had such a busy weekend, heading out on Saturday morning to Saratoga Springs for the first Singapore Community Day!

There were games to play like five stones, zero point, kuti kuti, chaptek. All the games of my childhood!

A lion dance performance, music and a photo booth.

Best of all, the food! There was such a variety, nasi lemak, mee siam, chicken rice, Hokkien mee, satay, ngoh hiang and more. And so many different desserts too! Pandan cake, kueh ambon, kueh kosui. Many of these are hard to find in the US so it was such a treat!!

Too bad the weather wasn’t cooperating. A drizzle here, a drizzle there, some hail even. And it was cold! Umbrellas and winter coats were a necessity. The roti prata got soggy and we all were rather damp but we had fun and were stuffed to the gills.

Of course just a few minutes out of the hills and the roads were dry and the sun was out. That’s the Bay Area for you.





On Sunday, we had our proper Lunar New Year celebration at home. With yu sheng and hotpot! It was such a treat to have yusheng. It’s a Singaporean/Malaysian tradition and not easy to find at restaurants here. Because it requires a lot of pickled vegetables, it isn’t the easiest thing to make at home. So my Mum brought over a package from Singapore – just shred carrots, daikon and add raw fish!






Mary Poppins – P.L. Travers

How odd that I’ve never read this. It’s for the Back to the Classics challenge. And will also fit right into Reading for England!


As Chimney Sweepers come to Dust (Flavia de Luce #7) – Alan Bradley

Fun as always!



I finally watched the first episode of Breaking Bad and quite enjoyed it! Can’t wait to watch more!


Pernice Brothers

Cheer Chen Qi Zhen


As I’m writing this, it’s almost dinnertime and we’re having leftovers. Plenty of hotpot stock and ingredients. Just cook up some instant noodles and we’re ready for dinner.


Water. But I’ve had so much jasmine tea today.


We’ve got lots of asparagus and cauliflower, so I’m thinking an oven-roasted cauliflower and asparagus pasta with bacon or maybe chicken.

Some braised chicken wings to be eaten with stir fried kale and rice.

Also there are tons of mushrooms so maybe a minced pork mushroom noodle.

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  1. Singapore Community Day! Oh, am envious just looking at all that food – and what a feast indeed. Don’t think there are enough Singaporeans in Brussels to warrant the embassy to set up something similar.


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