It’s Monday and I’m looking forward to reading Americanah!

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It was such a warm weekend, nice for a morning out in Los Altos.

We first visited the lovely and vibrant Linden Tree Books, one of the most well-stocked children’s bookstores I’ve been to. And we picked up quite a few of their wonderful books. 

Mont Blanc – it’s all about the chestnut

 And can’t visit Downtown Los Altos without picking up some goodies from Satura Cakes. We got a Mont Blanc, Pistachio Cheesecake, Strawberry Shortcake and a Chocolate cake. 


It’s also ice-cream weather! Just in time for our order from Jeni’s Splendid! The Husband’s boss gave him a voucher for Christmas – the shipping costs ate up most of that voucher so we had to spend quite a fair bit! But it was quite a thrill to receive a box of ice-cream from Fedex!       

And then we had not such a great Saturday night. The almost-2 woke at 1030 (after falling asleep easily at his regular 830 bedtime) and was wide awake and shouting and crying and screaming. Amazingly his big brother slept through most of it. But that meant a lot of picking up and putting back in bed, a lot of rocking and walking and shushing, a lot of singing and “reading” (from memory that is) of his favourite Thomas books. It went on and on! He finally fell asleep for a bit only to wake again another hour later. And we had to do it all over again. He kept asking “why gege (big brother in Chinese) sleeping?”, “want to come out!”, “want to go downstairs!”, “read another book please!”  

It was 120 when I finally got back into my bed. And up again at 6 as my Mum was off to Austin on an early flight to visit her good friend for a week. The little fella sure picked an apt night to keep us up! 

He had trouble napping on Sunday afternoon, despite having hardly slept the night before. It’s the Terrible Twos again!! 

I didn’t do much reading over the weekend…








I haven’t started on it yet. I’m still trying to gather my thoughts on Shadow Scale (loved it but surely a review needs to say more than “I loved it! Now will you all please go read this book!”) so I haven’t dared to begin Americanah yet. This by the way is a sign of a truly excellent read in my case. Wanting to preserve those thoughts and emotions I had while reading a certain book. Wanting to not lose that moment. 

But I’m also a few pages into Isabel Colegate’s The Shooting Party. A few years ago, I read her nonfiction work A Pelican in the Wilderness, an exploration of hermits and recluses, the lives of the solitary. It’s a very different read and rather unique. And I always meant to try her fiction and other writings. The Shooting Party takes place on a large estate in England. A bit Downton Abbey-esque. But I haven’t felt completely absorbed in it as yet so we shall see.

I’m also a few pages into James M Cain’s Mildred Pierce which I’ve picked up for the Back to the Classics Challenge. It’s originally published in 1941. And it is quite a delight to read. Partly for its setting of 1931 Los Angeles, and for the fascinating character, the “grass widow” who is Mildred Pierce. 



They alive damnit!

It’s a miracle!

Yeah. Just can’t get that out of my head….




 Homemade French bread 




A baked pasta dish with broccoli and bacon

Chicken stew with potatoes and carrots



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  1. Thanks for reminding me about Shadow Scale! I have to see if my library has it yet. 🙂

    My little girl has been getting her legs stuck in the crib every few nights, so I feel your pain. I’m just not sure she is ready to move to a big bed yet…sigh. May we both get full nights of sleep this week!


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