Nooo…… it’s Monday again??

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It was spring break here last week. No road trips as the husband was too busy with work. The kids still had fun at the playgrounds and parks, at the library, eating their favourite pizza and all that. Wee Reader also had his annual allergy skin test and visit with his allergist. That was a teary morning. Luckily after the initial markings, he calmed down and later just got bored as I talked with his doctor. Our plans to go to Happy Hollow on Friday didn’t work out as I wasn’t feeling well. But we made it to the city on Sunday, and the kids even got to see Daddy’s new office! I, on the other hand, nursed a headache on the way home. Luckily I wasn’t driving! It was a long day. I even hit my 10,000 steps before dinnertime.

And not long after we got home, my youngest got a fever! He had been coughing a little on the way home but otherwise had been his usual very cheery unfazed self all day. Poor thing. He was so listless and unhappy at dinnertime. And he usually has such a good appetite, some days eating more than his big brother even (although you wouldn’t guess it by his size), so it was hard seeing him eat just a few bites of rice, a bit of soup, he didn’t even want his favourite fruits. That was a week of almost everyone taking turns to feel unwell. Luckily except for the husband. I guess he avoids germs by not being at home all day!





I feel like I’m in the middle of so many books. Last week with the being sick and the spring break and trying to get out and do stuff and also squeezing in some writing for my other project, I didn’t manage to get much reading done.



Honeydew: Stories – Edith Perlman


H is for Hawk – Helen Macdonald


For Today I am a Boy – Kim Fu



Anthony Bourdain’s  Layover. I watched the Singapore episode, well, cos it’s Singapore. Bourdain’s been to Singapore many times and I’m always so glad to see him eat all kinds of things there like chwee kueh, fish head curry, briyani and everyone’s favourite, Chicken Rice. He probably also should have eaten nasi Padang, kata toast, Chinese rojak and Indian rojak. And satay. And laksa. But that’s just me. And he only had 30 hours layover in Singapore (hence the title). So I forgive him. 



Lots of leftovers. We have leftover pizza from The Plant Cafe in SF, leftover Thai food, leftover home cooked chicken wings and rice. So something will work itself out for lunch. 



Lots and lots of water



Fried rice

Maybe an attempt at mee goreng


Last week:

I read:    

Well I didn’t finish any books last week other than No Humans Involved – Kelley Armstrong. This was book seven of her Women of the Otherworld series and I realize that it’s a series that I turn to once in a while, mostly when I need a quick read that won’t work over my brain too much for instance if I’m not feeling well or if I just needing a break from other books. It is like a comfort read. Although the books change perspective, all the characters are familiar, as is the background. 

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  1. Aww, I hope your youngest is doing better. And allergy testing … eek. I’m sure you’re happy that is over.

    On a hungry note, I would love to gallivant like Bourdain eating my way through countries. I know every single thing you mentioned (HA!) and now I want some rojak. Now where to find everything needed in Canada? Dang.


    1. Yeah allergy testing is a bummer. Luckily it’s just once a year!

      Do you get much Malaysian/Singaporean food in Canada? There are a few in the San Francisco Bay Area so we manage to get our fix sometimes. Rojak though is not very good…and it’s also not something I can make! So I’m really hankering for that now!


  2. Now I’m SO hungry. I want to visit Singapore and eat all that lovely food! Hope your youngest is feeling better. It’s always a tough week when everyone (or nearly everyone) gets sick.


    1. Thanks Belle! And I do hope you visit Singapore one day. It definitely is a food paradise – not just in terms of Singapore food but plenty of everything else too!


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