It’s Monday and I’m reading Cress

itsmondayIt’s Monday! What are you reading?” is a weekly event hosted by Sheila at Bookjourney to share with others what we’ve read the past week and planning to read next.

Another Read-a-thon just flew by! It was loads of fun. I didn’t really do much reading but it was still a blast. Check out what I did here.

Sunday in comparison was a far lazier day.


It’s Sunday afternoon. The 2yo is napping (hooray!) and the 4yo is building his Lego treehouse with the Husband. And I can type this out. Just really quickly in case the sleeper wakes.



Cress (Lunar Chronicles #3) – Marissa Meyer


This past week has been more Gilmore Girls. Season Seven. Yes the one without Amy Sherman-Palladino or Daniel Palladino. And I’ve never really liked this season but I still watch it nevertheless. I mean the whole Christopher thing. And the thing with Marty. It’s just weird.


I’ve been listening to some Lisa Hannigan, some Girl Band (which doesn’t actually have any girls in it), and Laura Marling 


Nothing at the moment. I did have katsu don at our favourite Japanese restaurant for lunch. And we have so much leftovers my fridge is stuffed! I don’t think I need to cook anything tomorrow for dinner!


Just water at the moment. Although I’m kind of sleepy – the 2yo cried out at 515 this morning. He went back to sleep not long after but he definitely woke me up!


Chicken stew, mostly to use up my celery and potatoes. Serving that with basmati rice.

A sort of pad see ew (here’s a recipe from Chez Pim) with sliced pork and broccoli.

Pasta. I haven’t figured out if it’s just to be regular pasta or a baked version.


Cruising (as in on a cruise ship) in China

Researching her latest novel, Melissa Harrison found herself walking alone up the A5. She spent four days not fitting in – exposed but exhilarated – The Guardian

I so want to make this Strawberry Lattice Pie! I don’t think I’ve actually had strawberry pie before. Yes really.

Last week:

I read:
Ms Marvel Vol 1 to Vol 7
Lumberjanes #4 to #9
In the kitchen with Alain Passard – Christophe Blain and Alain Passard
The complete Essex County – Jeff Lemire
(All thanks to Scribd! – But why don’t they have more of Ms Marvel? How could they leave me hanging?)

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  1. Season Seven was indeed weird. I love Lorelai but come on, Christopher was just never going to change…

    I’m glad you had a great Readathon and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Ms. Marvel and Lumberjanes!


    1. Ugh I just saw that episode where things are especially weird between them. I don’t know, it feels like they’re trying really hard with this season.


  2. I really enjoyed Lumberjanes. I read it on Scribd, too, but ended up buying the first volume because my eleven-year-old started reading over my shoulder while I was reading on Scribd but he prefers print copies of comics. Of course, after he read the first volume he went back to Scribd and finished the rest because he had to find out what happened 🙂


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