It’s Monday and I’m still reading all the comics

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It was a bit of an uneventful week, unless you count that bug that kept going around the house. First Wee Reader, then Wee-er Reader, then me. So there was a lot of trying to rest but not getting any (on my part – thanks kids!), a lot of coughing and runny noses and tissues all around. Luckily everyone was a lot better by the weekend and we managed to make it out for meals, and Wee Reader got to try out his new (secondhand) balance bike.

And you know what works with those magical moments when the kids play peacefully together (all too few!), what helps with the headache and the runny nose and the sore throat? Comics. A big old (virtual) pile of comics.







Best Food Writing 2014 – Holly Hughes (ed)

I’m writing this on Sunday evening and had just finished the Ultimate Mystique Collection and have yet to decide on which comic to read next! In the meantime, this collection of food writing is what’s currently on my e-reader. But I really ought to get back on track with some of the reading challenges I’ve signed up for……

What’s up next:

Can’t decide yet, but here are some I’ve been eyeing on Scribd.

Mystery Society – Steve Niles, Fiona Staples
Wild’s End #1 – Dan Abnett, I. N. J. Culbard
Supermarket – Brian Wood





The Crazy Ones on Instant Netflix. I always have a soft spot for Sarah Michelle Gellar (go Buffy!)


A butter cake I made on Saturday.




I made a brown rice-sausage-broccoli-cauliflower cheesy casserole. To be baked with extra cheese and some panko on top for crunch. There’s also plenty of leftovers from the weekend for the next couple of days!

But other things I’ll be cooking, perhaps a beef stew in the slow cooker. Or mee goreng. Ok after typing that I so want to eat mee goreng. It’s a dish found in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia and is a fried noodle dish. It usually has chili sauce, ketchup, soy sauce among its main flavours, and the other ingredients include potatoes, tomatoes, chicken pieces, eggs, bean sprouts. And it’s awesome when you squeeze some lime juice over it. Lime juice and noodles? Yes indeed! Here’s an example of a recipe. It’s best with fresh yellow noodles but it’s doable with the dry type of noodles too.


Tau Yew Bak is one of my favourite things to eat. This recipe from the Food Canon breaks it all down for us home cooks.

A guide to San Francisco’s secret public parks in commercial spaces (via Boing Boing)

I love how colourful these M&M’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are. I’ve never added M&M’s to cookies before. I really ought to!

All the upcoming comic book movies that aren’t from DC or Marvel 

I’m tempted by Coffee and a Book Chick’s Mad Men Reading Challenge!

Last week:

I read:

Love and Capes Vol 1: Do You Want To Know A Secret? – Thomas F. Zahler
Love and Capes Vol 2: Going to the Chapel – Thomas F. Zahler
Love and Capes Vol 3: Wake Up Where You Are – Thomas F. Zahler
Love and Capes Vol 4: What to Expect – Thomas F. Zahler
Cress (Lunar Chronicles #3) – Marissa Meyer
Meanwhile in San Francisco: The city in its own words – Wendy MacNaughton
Someday, Someday, Maybe – Lauren Graham
Sweet moments: two heart warming love stories – David Darck and Lidia Chan
Van Helsing’s Night off – Nicholas Mahler
Girl in Dior – Annie Goetzinger
Mystique: Ultimate collection – Brian K Vaughan, Jorge Lucas, Michael Ryan, Manuel Garcia
Abelard – Renaud Dillies


I posted:

Comics roundup – the Scribd version

Weekend Cooking: Scones


What are you reading this week?