Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read




This week’s question from the Broke and the Bookish is:

Top Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read!


1. 50 Shades of Grey 

Don’t think that needs explanation

2. Books by Dan Brown

So I read the Da Vinci Code and watched maybe the first ten minutes of the movie. But that’s enough Dan Brown for me, thanks.

3. Anything by James Patterson

He makes enough money already.

4. The rest of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series by Stieg Larsson

I did read the first book, just to see what the hype was all about. And it was rather long and the writing (or was it the translation?) didn’t seem anything to shout about.

5. Finnegans Wake by James Joyce


“But Noodynaady’s actual ingrate tootle is of come into the garner mauve and thy nice are stores of morning and buy me a bunch of iodines. ”

Nope. Don’t think so. (And add to that anything by Joyce).

6. Battlefield Earth – L Ron Hubbard

And anything else by him. I think this might be turning out to be a list full of authors whom I don’t like… and here’s another one!

7. James Frey

Alright so now I’m just naming “writers”

8. Palo Alto by James Franco

To be honest, I’m a little bit curious to see just how crappy it is.

Ok psychotic break over.


9. Star Wars books

Much as I loved the films and am excited about the new ones, I’ve never been interested in any of the books.

10. Don’t Hassel the Hoff: The Autobiography


Gaaaah!!!! My eyes! My eyes!

What books would you never read?


  1. Hahahaha….Don’t Hassel the Hoff, seriously???

    Well, “never” is a strong word, and if I think about it, I don’t know if I can say that I’ll never read certain books, because, really, you never know, but I guess if I had to choose, 50 Shades of Gray would probably be on that list too.

    2. Ulysses – after trying and failing several times, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that life’s too short to waste on Ulysses…

    3. Anything by JK Rowling that isn’t Harry Potter…maybe. Actually I did read Cuckoos’ Calling just to see what the fuss was about, but never again.

    4. Anything by Donna Tartt – not after The Secret History and The Goldfinch, which I both hated.

    5. A novel by Lev Grossman – not after The Magicians, which I also hated.

    Hmmm..this is hard! I’ll get back to you later, when I can think of some more 🙂



    1. I’m impressed that you’ve tried Ulysses. I don’t even dare to crack that one open…!

      I’ve not read anything non-HP by Rowling either and not very enthused by that either.

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