It’s Monday and… what? It’s June already?

itsmondayIt’s Monday! What are you reading?” is a weekly event hosted by Sheila at Bookjourney to share with others what we’ve read the past week and planning to read next.



Cebiche and causa at La Mar


Bay Bridge from the Ferry Building


We stopped by the Husband’s office so his parents could have a little tour. The company moved to a new building sometime last year. This is the view from the lounge/eating area. 





We had a bit of a busy weekend despite all the coughing that is still happening around the house. My in-laws flew in from Singapore on Friday so we had an airport outing – always fun. Then some family friends from New Zealand were in San Francisco, doing a bit of a long vacation, Hawaii, New York, Nashville, Los Angeles! My family has known them for ages – her daughter is the same age as me and we were penpals as kids. (In case you weren’t born in the pre-Internet age like I was, that meant we wrote letters to each other in our kiddie handwriting, telling each other about all the inane facts of the day, put the letter in an envelope, put a stamp on the envelope and drop it in the mailbox. It took quite a while to reach New Zealand and to get a reply back, but it was tons of fun knowing that I had a friend out there.) We’ve also done some visiting both ways, although I haven’t seen Nan in years. Coincidentally her second child is just a few days younger than my first! Anyway, we had a lovely lunch with her parents at La Mar, a Peruvian restaurant on the waterfront. Then had a nice walk around the Ferry Building.







The Yacoubian Building – Alaa Al Aswany
I started this earlier in the week but while it was interesting, I wasn’t feeling it so much. But I’m still going to keep going on this, partly because it’s set in Egypt.


Jem and the Holograms which I first heard of from Andi. I was an 80s kid but I never heard of them! Er, I dunno, maybe because I didn’t grow up in the US?





 Cutthroat Kitchen

While I enjoy watching cooking reality shows, I realize I don’t have the patience for those long drawn-out ones (at least American ones) like MasterChef and what not. Plus there’s the fact that I don’t have TV and rely on Netflix/Amazon Prime. Anyway, Cutthroat Kitchen works for me. Because (1) Alton Brown (2) the insane things that they throw at the chefs to bid for, like having one of your opponents cook gnocchi with a masher duct-taped to his dominant hand. Yes really. Oh and that time they made someone cook everything on a kid’s kitchen. And Alton’s absolute glee at being able to inflict the ‘devices’ on the competitors. Oh and there’s Simon Majumdar who makes regular appearances as a judge.



Kueh Ambon, a kind of coconuty-eggy cake. Here’s a recipe if you’re curious


Rooibos with lemon.


Ugh, I haven’t a clue. I’m guessing there’s going to be some fried noodles or maybe vermicelli, Singapore-style.


I really shouldn’t be wanting these, since my ridiculous cough is still ongoing. But Oh My.. that is some brownie.  (How Sweet it is)

Oh lookee! Another brownie recipe. This time with raspberries and sea salt! (Joy the Baker)

The world needs female rock critics (New Yorker)

On life after Mad Men (Sonya Chung for The Millions) Which reminds me that I have be meaning to read her book, Long For This World. 

So many fun graphic novels to look for in the second half of the year (River City Reading)

Last week:

I read:

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler – E.L. Konigsburg
CSI: Serial (graphic novel #1) – Max Allan Collins (yes I really did read a CSI comic. And it wasn’t too bad!)
The Cape – Joe Hill, Zach Howard, Jason Ciaramella
Chef – Jaspreet Singh
Adventure Time Vol 5 and 6 – Ryan North, Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb
I posted:

Soy Sauce for Beginners

On reading The Hobbit

Top Ten: Books to venture forth with


How was your weekend? And what are you reading this week?


  1. Cutthroat Kitchen is just so much fun. I love seeing Alton Brown show us that taking cooking seriously doesn’t mean that it can’t be a good time!

    Was it your first time reading The Mixed Up Files or was it a re-read??


    1. It was my first! I dunno..maybe I was more influenced by British culture as a kid (Singapore was founded by the British East India Company) so I really never heard of this until recently! Same as for Harriet the Spy.

      I think !y younger self would have appreciated and adored Mixed Up Files


  2. In the book I’m currently reading, terrorists blew up the Bay Bridge. Not sure why I felt the need to mention that, but it was just a neat coincidence that you were just there and posted a picture.

    Did you like The Mixed Up Files? That was one of my absolute most-loved books when I was a kid! I spent hours daydreaming about hiding away and living in a museum. 😛

    Sorry to hear The Yacoubian Building isn’t really doing it for you. I picked that up in a used book store not long ago; didn’t really know much about it, but it sounded interesting.


    1. Hahaaa! It’s ok, that’s a good coincidence to learn of. Well let’s hope that never happens. They already have enough problems with its earthquake-safeness or whatever actual term is supposed to go in the place of the one I just made up.

      Mixed Up Files was fun but I really wished I got to read it as a kid! I think kid-me would have appreciated it more. Like with Harriet the Spy whom I didn’t really like and recently read for the first time. Yep I just said that. Please continue visiting my blog even if you’re a diehard Harriet fan!!!

      As for Yacoubian, I think I will eventually pick it up. Right now my brain isn’t quite ready for heavier fare which is why the kidlit and comics! Largely thanks to Nyquil hangovers..


  3. Looks like you had a fun reading week. And you’ve reminded me there once was a time when an airport outing was fun – back when the kids were young and the sight of the planes taking off simply made their day!


    1. Unfortunately at SFO there’s only one area (at least at the international terminal) to watch the planes at just a few of the gates, and that’s the pathway to and from the carpark! But it’s still thrilling for the kids I guess!


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