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It’s funny how kids’ tastes evolve pretty much every day.

On Saturday, we went to a Korean restaurant where we ordered their spam and kimchi pancake. It’s not spicy or anything so my two-year-old ate it the last time we were there. The four-year-old refused even a bite of it. This time though he loved it and wanted more and more. We ate it for leftovers on Sunday, and he asked for more too. Then my two-year-old decided he wanted to try my tomato soup when we were at Panera Bread on Sunday. He’s a soup lover but more of the Asian soup variety, that is, a clear soup. He’s tried creamy soups before but hasn’t liked them. This time he kept sipping my tomato soup. He is at that fussy age but does seem to prefer Asian food. He does better with rice and noodles than potatoes (except for fries) and pasta, for instance. And just the other day ate handfuls of raisins, one after another, then this weekend refused to eat the raisin scones I made. Oh well!

Anyway, here’s some things we ate last week.




Ginseng Chicken soup and plenty else at SGD Tofu House in Santa Clara


My mum made fish head curry. Yum. It’s got eggplant but no okra.


The Husband was delighted to learn that our favourite Hong Kong bakery was selling mooncakes again. We love ours with just golden lotus paste (no yolk). Mid-Autumn Festival (which is what the mooncakes are all about) is September 27. It’s all about playing with lanterns, eating mooncakes, sipping tea and gazing at the full moon.

Also, I have been having such problems commenting on Blogspot posts! I’ve tried both Safari and Firefox on my Macbook, and neither seems to work. So I’ve been reading your posts, I really have! I just can’t seem to comment!





The Queen of the Tearling – Erika Johansen

By the time this post publishes, I’ll have finished this. And enjoyed it far more than I expected! I like the young woman learning to be queen bit.



The Silver Star – Jeannette Walls

In my excitement to read more and more of Tearling, I forgot about reading this one. I’m picking it up again.


Hawkeye: Little Hits – by Matt Fraction (Writer), David Aja (Illustrations), Steve Lieber (Illustrator), Jesse Hamm (Illustrator), Francesco Francavilla (Illustrator), Matt Hollingsworth (Color Artist)

Hawkeye is always fun. At least in this reincarnation. I don’t really like him in the movie version though.




The Martian – Andy Weir

I finally decided to just try this. And as I made my way through all his science-y survivalist logs and all that math, I was almost about to give up. I didn’t really like Mark Watney, maybe because there wasn’t any about about him to care about, other than his being stuck on Mars. When Weir finally brings in other characters (those on Earth), I see that there may be some hope for this book and decide to stick around a bit longer. So we will see how this pans out!




I was browsing the Netflix movie catalogue and decided to rewatch Total Recall. It is fascinating to see what the future was to be like in 2084 from the perspective of 1990. Lots of use of holograms, TV screens everywhere, a ‘JohnnyCab’ with an animatronic cab driver (what, no driverless cars?). Oh and a tracker implanted in his head!

On another note, here’s a Gizmodo post about 16 classic films that got future tech right. That just makes me want to watch Weird Science again!




A scone. I love this flaky scone recipe from The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum and it is seriously the most buttery scone ever. The recipe uses a rolling out and folding technique which I guess may be similar to making puff pastry (not that I’ve ever made that!) so it is as its title goes, a very lovely flaky scone. So good. The recipe makes for a big batch and it freezes great!


Tea. Because scones.


Conundrum. See first paragraph.

It’s probably going to be some fried noodles, as my four-year-old has declared a newfound love for fried noodles.

There is a nice bunch of kangkong or water spinach from the farmers market, so that can be a garlicky side dish, along with some soy sauce pork chops and rice.

So far that’s all I’ve got. A trip to the Asian supermarket is in order later today, maybe to get a nice whole fish!


Why the most popular hiking memoirs don’t go the distance (The New Yorker)

While hiking the trail, I learned that whenever a thru-hiker met a day-hiker (as thru-hikers somewhat dismissively refer to those who are “just out for the day”), the day-hiker would invariably ask the same question: “Have you read ‘A Walk in the Woods’?”

Aarti loved Zen Cho’s Sorcerer to the Crown! Can’t wait to read that.

Caustic Cover Critic does his round-up of crap classic covers. 

Literary Lindsey and her son list some of the “pluckiest, funniest heroines for your boy to try”. I’m definitely gonna try some out on my kids soon.

Also, exciting: The Dog Days of Summer Readathon! It’s hosted by Andi and Heather, September 18 to 20. I’m in!

Added to my TBR:

A Manual for Cleaning Women –  Lucia Berlin (via Elle magazine of all places)

Many LA books via this 2013  LA Weekly article which asked 18 LA literary figures for their favourite LA novels (via Bookriot). John Fante’s Ask the Dust is mentioned a lot. So now I’m curious!

Last week:

I read:


Our Endless Numbered Days – Claire Fuller
One World: A Global Anthology of Short Stories – Edited by Chris Brazier
Hugh Fearlessly Eats it all: dispatches from the gastronomic frontline – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Truth and Consequences – Alison Lurie
Lulu Anew – Etienne Davodeau

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  1. I had that same problem with commenting on blogspot sites a couple of weeks ago. Of course I can’t remember anymore what exactly I did to fix it, but I had to change a setting in WordPress. Sorry this isn’t much help, but I found the answer quickly once I started to search the Help Forums.


    1. Thanks for the comment! I have the feeling it has to do with my using a Mac because I can post comments using my Google Nexus tablet (Android OS) with my WordPress account and OpenID. I read on a blog that it might be because of embedded commenting that Blogspot uses.


    2. Or it may just be an issue with cookies apparently! I recently updated my MacBook OS and that may have changed settings.
      (I may just be typing all this here in case anyone else has this problem)


  2. I think I’m one of very few people who wasn’t over the moon in love with The Martian, so it’s almost reassuring to see someone in the same boat (at least right now), though I do hope it ends up being a better read for you. And I’m SO jealous of your scones!!


  3. Thanks so much for the mention! We had fun writing that post.

    I have had Queen of the Tearling on my tbr list for forever. I’m glad you are loving it!


  4. I think your boys are so lucky to experience such a variety of good food. I am hungry for mooncakes now. I hadn’t realised it was almost that time of year already!


    1. Yes that’s the thing with the SF Bay Area. There’s a lot of immigrants from all over the world and we get such a variety of food both from restaurants and supermarkets.


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