RIP X: Zombillenium




I came across Zombillenium while randomly browsing the Scribd catalogue. I would never have heard of it otherwise.

And it was perfect for RIP! A monster-staffed monster-themed amusement park! It’s latest recruit is Aurelian, a random guy the director (who himself is a vampire) hits and kills with his car. And of course the best solution to that in this case is to turn him into a vampire. And tada, a new employee for the theme park! Except that a werewolf also bites him so they’re not entirely sure what the new employee is now – vampire-werewolf? Something completely new altogether? Well, whatever he is, he’s making the other employees a little annoyed with his rather sensational new look which is stealing the show. Everyone, from the dancing zombies (This is Thriller! Thriller night!) to the werewolves and demons, wants to get Aurelian fired from the park, because when you are canned at Zombillenium, you are gone forever.

A surprisingly entertaining comic that’s just right for RIPX! There are currently three volumes of Zombillenium. All of them are available on Scribd.

Vol 1: Gretchen
Vol 2: Human Resources
Vol 3: Control Freaks



I read this book for RIP X (see the rest of my book list here)

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