It’s not Monday but I’m still reading!

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So usually I am pretty good at having this post up and running on Mondays, having written it over the weekend, but well, things haven’t been going well health-wise for us here. Everyone is a lot better now and recovering!

(warning, skip down to the book cover below if you’re just here for the bookish bits)

It all began on Friday – as we pulled up at the preschool parking lot, the two-year-old threw up all over himself and the car seat. Fortunately my mum was with us and she could stay with him while I brought the older boy into school! After we got home and cleaned him up, sat him in front of the TV to watch some Thomas, he asked to go back to school. Then proceeded to throw up again! It was pretty bad, he would throw up four more times before he fell asleep, then another couple more times while we were trying to get in to see a doctor. It was not just messy but really just so painful and worrying to see this little boy (already small for his age – he’s in the 5th percentile for weight!) unable to keep anything done not even water. Apparently there is some kind of pill that does have an anti-nausea/vomiting effect and it worked. We had to stay in the doctor’s office for quite a while longer as they wanted to make sure he could keep some fluids (pedialyte) down, luckily he was happy to drink it and kept asking for more. And he really surprised me, this boy who at his last doctor’s visit cried and cried even when just having his clothes removed, for he happily opened his mouth, said ah, let the doctor (who was an urgent care doctor and not his regular paediatrician) press his stomach.

The good news was that she suspected some kind of stomach flu. And after the pill, he seemed a lot better i.e. no more throwing up! He did manage a little bit of pasta for dinner after – we were trying to be cautious and not give him too much but he kept asking for more. And slept well that night. Phew.

The four-year-old also started up with a cough and cold that day. No fever or stomach aches thankfully.

And on Saturday, they happily ran around with my neighbor’s three-year-old daughter around the playground, as if they weren’t just recovering/still sick. Kids amaze me.

Sunday comes around and after breakfast I get this incredible desire to lie down. Now I am not the kind of person who takes naps in the day (unless I am sick), and I did sleep pretty well, as I usually do most nights. So it was very odd. I just felt completely exhausted, so I knew something was up. I pretty much stayed in bed the whole of Sunday, and couldn’t manage more than a few sips of soup and a bit of toast. I’m kind of guessing I might have caught a bit of the kid’s stomach flu, but luckily nausea and fatigue seemed to be the worst of it. But I’m just not very good at resting and lying in bed, constantly thinking that there is something I should be doing (I’m also one of those annoying people who wears an activity tracker on my wrist and aim for 10,000 steps a day). I was just so very grateful that my mum is still staying with us (for now), and that the Husband could work from home on Monday in order to send the kids to preschool.

And I am so very grateful for Netflix and Amazon video which kept me company and helped me doze off. I ended up watching some Angel, some Greys Anatomy, some Gilmore Girls!

But I also did manage some reading too. And finished some books I had already started like:



Our Lady of the Nile – Scholastique Mukasonga, translated from the French by Melanie Mauthhner


Dawn (Xenogenesis #1) – Octavia Butler 

I’ll probably talk about this in a separate post

The Quick – Lauren Owen

I read about half of this before deciding that I was no longer interested in continuing. The story started out great but the plot then began creeping along as Owen took to using a diary method. I’m usually quite fond of reading journal entries but somehow I just wasn’t vested enough in this person (a new character). Then the narrative switches yet again and I just didn’t want to go there.

Instead I proceeded on to read:


His Majesty’s Dragon (Temeraire #1) – Naomi Novik

And I had an absolute marvel of a time. I knew from reading her latest book, Uprooted, that Novik writes great characters and an exciting plot, but wow, this start to the series was fantastic. A Dragon air force. A dragon who loves books (he has to be read to though, as he can’t turn the pages). This was just the perfect read for me at this time. I cannot cannot wait for the next read. Luckily there are many more in the series! It made me so happy to read this book.


I also just started on The Moor’s account by Laila Lalami and it has been interesting, at least those few pages I have read so far!


And also, Beauty is a wound by Eka Kurniawan, an Indonesian writer. It sounds so far like it may actually be somewhat suitable for RIP X (and of course Diversiverse)! It begins with a woman making her way out of her grave. So far so good.




If you’ve read David Mitchell’s work, you might want to read this “possibly true” ghost story of his on Lit Hub! It’s very short but it felt familiar, in the sense of my having had a similar feeling before, of being watched…

It’s German Literature Month V over at Lizzy’s Literary Life

In the Barnes and Noble Review, a discussion between Tayari Jones and Angela Flournoy

Added to my TBR list:

The First Century After Beatrice by Amin Maalouf (review by James Reads Books)


Last week:

I read:


The Italian Girl – Iris Murdoch

It has been a while since I’ve read Iris Murdoch’s work. She is an absolutely brilliant writer but I always hesitate as her characters aren’t very likeable – at least that’s what I seem to remember from The Sea, The Sea and it is a similar occurrence in The Italian Girl. That’s why it took me over a month to read this book. A book that is read in bits and pieces as it isn’t the easiest to read.


I posted:

Weekend Cooking: Tea please

Top Ten Books On My Fall TBR


So this post was a combination of slightly already written stuff (the last parts below) and bits hastily tacked on as I realized that this week is nearly over. Stay tuned next Monday for an actual It’s Monday posting!


  1. Sounds horrible, hope you’re all feeling better now! Netflix etc is so great for enforced days on the couch, my comfort show is Poirot or Leverage.
    Temeraire looks great, I’ve put it in my Scribd library, and I love Butler but I haven’t read the Xenogenesis series yet, enjoy!


  2. I’m due to read The Sea The Sea this year as part of my TBR challenge but I keep putting off the moment because I’ve struggled with Murdoch in the past and in fact haven’t finished a single one of her novels


    1. She is a hard one to read, which is probably why it was ages since I did read one of her books – and it was The Sea The Sea. Probably more than five years ago!


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