It’s Monday and phew! What a weekend!

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Hooray! The Husband is back from his week in Philadelphia! He was at some Executive Education programme at Wharton and had flown there on Sunday morning and flew back here on Friday night. The kids got to Skype him for a bit every night although most of the time they were more interested in getting him to show them what the hotel looked like. But that’s 2 and 4 year-olds for you.

Then on Sunday, we had to say goodbye to my mum, who has been staying with us since August. She had extended her stay by one week so that she could help me out with the kids while the Husband was away.

Oh and a very happy birthday to my Dad in Singapore, who I know sometimes reads this blog. I wish we could have been there to celebrate with him! We called him on Tuesday night (Wednesday morning in Singapore) and wished him happy birthday.

And yes, it was also the Readathon weekend. Here’s the link to my readathon post if you’d like to find out what went on! So much happening and things to update this week huh! I signed up, knowing that it would be a tough day to do things – the Husband just back, my mum almost leaving. But I love just being a part of a readathon, even if I didn’t really get to read much!

Also thanks to everyone who was involved in the readathon! Andi and Heather were amazing, as were everyone who cheered and organized mini-challenges or just simply read their hearts out! It was fun!



Oh and also, during the Readathon, I popped out to the library book sale and bought some lovely books for a good cause.





Ascension – Jacqueline Koyanagi


I was trying to finish reading the Wrinkle in Time graphic novel, but I got rather fed up with how the Overdrive ebook could only be read in my browser on the tablet. That was a bit irritating as the ebook was confined to a certain space within the browser and makes for a smaller than usual read. I don’t like having to strain my eyes – I’m straining my eyes enough already!




The latest season of Downton Abbey! I know it’s all so very melodramatic and all a bit much sometimes but I can’t help watching it!



We’ve still got lots of pumpkin-y stuff around. And the butter cake!


Assam tea. I love how it’s getting cooler (although it’s still in the 20s – Celcius mind you). Of course warm weather has never stopped me from drinking tea but I just love when the temperature drops (even it’s just a little bit!)


So today I’m doing some stir-fried beef with peppers and then served with steamed rice. It’s probably a bit too much beef for us for one meal so I might save some of it and do that with rice noodles for tomorrow.

I’ve also got plans to do some pasta with zucchini and meatballs. The two-year-old is on a NO! NO! Vegetables! kick. He does love his fruits though (except bananas – he’s a weird one), so I’m not that worried about nutrients. But I still try to get some mouthfuls of vegetables in. I don’t remember having such a hard time with vegetables with my older kid. Then again F is a surprisingly good vegetable eater. He’s happy to eat roasted cauliflower, brussels sprouts, crispy kale. I don’t think that those were things I ever ate as a kid…


50 books about bad women in Flavorwire

I’m bookmarking these pandan waffles for another time.

I’m a sucker for posts like these: Food52’s Weeknight pastas that make something out of nothing

And am looking forward to Nonfiction November. 

Last week:

I read:


The Collector – Sergio Toppi (Illustrator), Edward Gauvin (Translator)
Kira-Kira – Cynthia Kadohata
Bitch Planet Vol 1: Extraordinary Machine – Kelly Sue DeConnick, Valentine de Landro, Taki Soma
(these were during the readathon)
Summer of the Big Bachi (Mas Arai #1) – Naomi Hirahara

I posted:

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RIP X and Diversiverse: The Good House by Tananarive Due



  1. Ugh: I’ve had that frustration with Overdrive and certain graphic novels too. Finally just gave up on it and have returned to tree-books for books with pictures. Sigh.

    I liked Kira-Kira, ended up reading it almost entirely in one session. And I would have wanted to see the hotel too: I love hotels (even though they have become more interchangeable and somewhat less interesting in recent years)!

    Happy birthday to your dad! And enjoy the rest of your week!


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