It’s Monday and we have rain!!

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I woke up in the middle of the night to hear that glorious sound of pitter patter at the windows. There was rain and by the sound of it, quite a decent amount. And now at 930 am as I type this, it’s still drizzling. Hooray hooray! One day of rain is hardly enough to end a drought but hey, let’s celebrate the fact that it is grey and gloomy and the roads are wet and slippery!

So what happened last weekend? SO MUCH.

 Friday was the preschool’s Halloween parade. The four-year-old was a pilot, the two-year-old a train engineer. They kind of stood out among the Superman(s), Captain(s) America, Elsas in the school.

I made risotto on Friday

Checking for spiders


What’s that??

Train engineer inspects trains at Target


Saturday dinner

Trick or treat!

The Husband is a Halloween baby so we had a double celebration of sorts. Saturday lunch at our favourite izakaya place or as the kids call it, the “funny place”. Funny because they get to take off their shoes and sit at the low table, which has a recess underneath for the legs. Added bonus: the place was decorated for Halloween with spiders and cobwebs and skeletons. So they were especially thrilled.

I also made a black forest cake for the Husband. I’m terrible at decorating – and was also pressed for time with my two kids around! But it made for a yummy cake all the same.

Saturday night saw us trick or treating in our neighbourhood. The boys had fun ringing doorbells and knocking on doors. One neighbour even gave out little toys along with candy, and another gave out shells too. The two fellows were very pleased. And when we returned home, they looted our own treats, which we had left on our doorstep while we were out.


Looting their own house

So Sunday was comparatively mellow, lunch out, running around the house making a mess, that kind of thing.









Good stuff. But I feel like I’m reading slower these days. I will admit that Fates and Furies isn’t quite driving me on to keep reading. It’s good writing but it’s not very exciting. But I did read somewhere that the second half is better. So we will see.


Downton Abbey!


Black forest cake




Nothing today. We’ve got Thai food leftovers from yesterday – crispy garlic fish, crabmeat fried rice, pad see ew. As well as random leftovers from the week!

Pork chops with cabbage

Beef and broccoli with rice. Also fried tofu. Yum.

Last week:

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Inheritance – Lan Samantha Chang
Barracuda – Christos Tsiolkas
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  1. That cake looks delicious. And your little ones are so cute in their costumes! My kiddos were Lilo (from Lilo and Stitch) and Ash from Pokemon.

    I will keep an eye out for your thoughts on Fates and Furies when you are done. I just put a library hold on it (I’m #70 in the queue), so I should get it in a month or so!


  2. Your kids had awesome costumes! And yay for Schwarzwälderkirschtorte, my last university was at the black forrest.
    Hope the comics are more exciting, happy reading 🙂


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