Weekend Cooking: Eating Singapore part 1

Singapore is often described as “cosmopolitan” and a “melting pot” of cultures and the variety of food found here certainly reflects that.

These days, living in the suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m pretty spoilt for choices when it comes to Asian food. There’s Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Indian and Pakistani foods available. But in Singapore the variety of Chinese restaurants is wider, with plenty of Hokkien and Teochew restaurants as well as Singapore’s own blend of unique dishes. Not to mention all the cafes (and finally, good flat whites!), and other cuisines like Italian, French, German and more.

So for the past five days that I’ve been here, there’s been so much eating. I wish I could tell you everything I’ve been eating but that’s probably way too much – you could check out my Instagram feed (olduvaireads) for more!

Putu Piring or steamed cakes made of rice flour with gula Melaka inside and topped with fresh grated coconut

Chendol is an icy dessert with red beans, pandan jelly , coconut milk and Gula Melaka

The rice dumplings or zongzi in Singapore is a bit different – a sweet-salty stewed pork is nestled within the rice

There are yakitori restaurants in the Bay Area too so this one was may have been more memorable because of the company!

The truth is, I have never really gotten used to the very bread-like doughs of pizzas in the US. So I was extremely happy to eat this thin-crusted, almost flaky pizza at Etna

Carrot Cake from Cedele. Yup that very American cake

Other things consumed but not photographed well or photographed at allย – the other kind of carrot cake, the fried one. Hokkien mee. Roti prata. Chicken rice. Duck rice. Chwee Kueh. Fish noodles. Braised duck. Sushi.

And the eating continues!


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  1. Oh all these dishes look fantastic! I love thin pizza as well ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s slways so interesting to see the sweets of other cuisines, it’s way too much dairy over here. Happy eating ๐Ÿ™‚


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