#AMonthofFaves – My Reading Year



Tanya Patrice at Girlxoxo.com,  Traveling with T and Andi at Estella’s Revenge are back with the December blogging event, A Month of Favourites! 

And that is exactly what I need this month, after my three-week absence from this blog – I guess being on vacation, meeting friends I hadn’t seen in two years, dining out, playing tourist and sightseeing, made sitting at a computer typing things seem rather unattractive, who would’ve thought!

 Today’s post is about my reading year.

Well it has been a surprisingly good year for me in terms of books read. I surpassed my Goodreads reading challenge although I have to admit that a lot of these were comics. And goodness, what comics! From Bitch Planet to The Wicked and the Divine to Lumberjanes and Zombillenium. I think 2015 may have been a year of comics, in terms of what I read!

I also read many new-to-me authors, like Lois McMaster Bujold and her amazing Sharing Knife series, Claire Fuller and her moving Our Endless Numbered Days. I dived into Naomi Novik’s Uprooted then got hooked onto her Temeraire series. 

Recently published books are often the highlight of many blogs but I don’t often pick up new books, partly because I get my books largely (I’m guessing it’s 90% or more) from the library. But I did read some much talked about books, like Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff and Beauty is a Wound by Eka Kurniawan. I even read and watched The Martian! That’s something very rare for me. And I have to say that the movie was better than the book, which I felt could’ve done with a lot of editing. 

As usual, I could’ve done with more non-fiction reads. And once again, my consumption of ebooks is increasing, thanks to Overdrive and Scribd. Although I should note that I never actually buy ebooks, but still purchase printed books. 

One of the suggested questions for today was favourite book of the year. I wish I could pinpoint one book or even five books but the truth is that I gave my heart to so many books this year. And I think a part of me is also thinking, there’s a whole month of reading left, maybe one of the books read in December will become my top read of 2015! 

So here’s to one last month of reading in 2015!

But I am curious, what was your favourite read(s) of the year?


  1. I read a fair number of recently released books, but they never seem to be the ones everybody ends up talking about (even though I usually find them quite good)! I read and watched The Martian this year too. I think I preferred the book, though the movie was good, but I agree that it could have used a little more editing!


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