#AMonthofFaves – A Few of My Favorite Things in 2015


I’m taking part in A Month of Favorites (hosted by Traveling with TEstella’s Revenge, and GirlXOXO) this December

Today’s topic: These Are A Few of My Favorite Things in 2015 eg. to eat, drink, wear, smell, see, do, enjoy, best thing I bought, most used gift received etc, favorite concert, outdoor activity, place visited, most squee worthy moment of the year, biggest change.

The little things…

 When you have little kids in the house every year brings big changes. My older boy turned 4 earlier this year, my younger turned 2. He’s no longer a baby, as he likes to tell me. He talks in full sentences, likes to ask why (and sometimes answers his own question with “Because…”), loves to sing (his latest is We Wish You a Merry Christmas). The change from three to four is a bit more subtle but I like to sit back and watch my almost-kindergartener as he plays pretend, chortles so loudly at silly bits on the shows he watches, and marvel as he grows into his own wonderful self.

(ok, so not really ‘things’!)

A long-awaited vacation to Singapore

 So we recently spent three weeks in November in Singapore. Just in case you didn’t know, that’s where we’re from, although we currently live in the US. The last time I was back in Singapore was two years ago, so it has been that long since I’ve seen my friends and family (except for my parents and in-laws who have visited us in between). It’s funny being back sometimes, marveling at the many changes (and Singapore changes A LOT – there’s always construction happening, new houses being built, roads changing, new subway or MRT stations that confuse me), meeting my friends after so long yet jumping right back in as if I’ve never left. Also, something else that was important was that with all the free babysitting available, the Husband and I got to go on movie and dinner dates!

Favourite purchase: Industrial Storage mini desk from West Elm

I was trying to figure out what purchases I made this year really stood out. Of course there were books – I’m not much of a book buyer but I love to get stuff at library sales. But the thing that stood out the most was my mini desk which I got for my birthday! I love its small size, just big enough for a small lamp, notebook and my macbook, its gorgeous mango wood and steel legs. It fit perfectly into the corner of our bedroom, just under one window.

Favourite kiddie place visited: Gilroy Gardens
Because we have small children, we now understand why people buy yearly memberships to places like museums and theme parks. We currently have memberships to the San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum, Cal Academy of Sciences, and Gilroy Gardens (or at least we did until it expired last month). Gilroy Gardens was one place that really surprised us – its quirky fruit and vegetable themed rides (you get to sit in an artichoke, strawberry, garlic even!), its lush tree-filled setting, and its suitability for young children. It’s highly likely that we will pick up memberships for next year!

The Great British Bakeoff


I’ve watched every season but this year’s seemed more emotional than the rest of them. Hands down my favourite TV show of the year.

 New favourite drink: Rooibos

I drink a lot of tea, mostly black teas and green, but this year I finally discovered the magic of rooibos, no caffeine, not too flowery (I’m no fan of chamomile), and thus a perfect tea to end the evening.

(In case you’re interested, I wrote about the contents of my tea drawer here)

Favourite place to eat: Joie

We had such great food in Singapore, from the local, Singapore-style hawker food, to fine dining. Singapore is a wonderful place for foodies. But the meal that surprised me the most was this lovely and elegant vegetarian lunch at Joie, a five-course lunch.

The highlight of the lunch was this innocuous orange lump in the middle. A carrot like no other. A carrot that had the soft almost silky texture of salmon sashimi, and indeed everyone thought it was that until we remembered we were in a vegetarian restaurant.




  1. It’s so fun to take stock of how your kids have grown over a year. It’s my son’s birthday this week, so I am hoping to take a few moments and jot down some things I’ve seen in him in the past few months.

    I’m glad you had such a great trip to Singapore! Technology is nice, but it’s so much better to see loved ones in person. 🙂


  2. Even though my wife and I don’t get to travel much, if at all, I always enjoy seeing the travels of others, especially bloggers either on their blogs or via Instagram. All that to say, love the photos of Singapore. It looks like you and your family had a great time.


  3. Wow, what beautiful photos! I love that feeling of falling right back into step with friends that you haven’t seen in a long time. It’s amazing how so much can change but with good friends it’s like you never missed a beat.

    Your desk is so pretty! I bought a new desk this year myself. It’s probably on my short list of good purchases for this year. It’s small, but it’s got space for a lot of stuff, which is just what I needed!


  4. That lunch looks amazing. It’s always kind of a shock visiting home and seeing the changes, isn’t it? I always get turned around, too, because I expect everything to still look a certain way and then it just…doesn’t.

    Love the pictures!


  5. This is the most beautiful, delicious and touching post all in one! 3 to 4 reminds me of something my daughter told me when she was five: “Kizzy said that when she was four she didn’t understand maths, but now that she is five she can do it.” It’s so fascinating to see their journey through their eyes.


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