#AMonthofFaves – Winter Survival Favourites


I’m taking part in A Month of Favorites (hosted by Traveling with TEstella’s Revenge, and GirlXOXO) this December


So first, some background. I’m from Singapore, which is so very near the Equator, which means it is hot all year round (current weather – I just checked! – 81F/27C). So winter? No such thing. There is hot and humid. Then there is hot and rainy, which means a little less hot and even more humid. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area means that there is some adjustment to make, although I’m sure those of you who actually live in places where there is snow are going, winter in San Francisco? Please!! That is NOT winter.




Facial Oil

Since we were in Singapore just a couple of weeks ago, my skin has been attuned to the humidity of that country. Now back here in the US, I’ve been trying to readjust to the dryness. Not too long ago, I would’ve been aghast at the idea of putting oil on my face, but you know what, it really does help. I use it after washing my face and before night cream. In the morning, I pat some of the oil on the patchy drier areas of my face before slathering on some moisturizer.


Hand cream

Ugh, winter = dry hands. So I carry hand cream everywhere and try to apply some after I wash my hands every time. When family friends from New Zealand visited SF, they gave me a tube of this gorgeous Manuka honey hand cream with vanilla. It smells so good and is lovely and thick. Slather slather slather.

Tea and plenty of it

I still drank tea in Singapore, yes, even in that heat, but it was more to wake me up in the mornings. Here I down it like, well, like water I guess. I start with a really strong PG Tips with milk in the mornings, then switch to an Earl Grey or Jasmine or Assam. After lunch it’s usually green tea and towards the end of the day, a rooibos.

Streaming video

We’ve got Amazon instant video and Netflix. Because sometimes I just have to stick the kids in front of the TV and leave me in peace to cook dinner. And this is even more important in winter which is the rainy season here and that means we’re stuck indoors in the evening. So that’s when Daniel Tiger, Thomas, Blue’s Clues and more race in to the rescue. Yeah, there are plenty of studies that say that young kids shouldn’t watch much TV but I figure 45 minutes to an hour should be fine. Plus it is also crucial to my sanity, especially when it gets dark so early.

What are some of your winter necessities?



  1. i’m a huge fan of tea! So the PG Tips is good to wake up? I usually do 2 bags of irish breakfast or double dose of the loose leaves if I’ve got them. Always looking for good tea!


  2. We are not really getting winter in England this year. Just a lot of rain. Like the rest of the year round, my winter must is running! Particularly good in the autumn/winter as it keeps me warm in the chill.


  3. A little Netflix or Hulu is decidedly a necessity! My little girl is a big fan of Daniel Tiger too. I love that it’s related to Mr. Rogers, even if she doesn’t know that!


  4. I’m so clueless about beauty stuff that I didn’t know facial oil was a thing! I do use coconut oil, but I’ve seen a few including the one you suggested that I might try out.


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