Back to the Classics challenge 2015 – wrapping up!

So about a year ago, I declared my intentions to join three reading challenges.

And failed miserably at two of them!

Surprisingly, I managed to meet my goal for the Back to the Classics challenge, which was to finish six categories. I read 9 books, although I only blogged about 8 of them. So yay! That is indeed one successful challenge! I am so bad at this…. I think I mostly join challenges just to make reading lists… and then forget them a few months down the road.


A Forgotten Classic: Love on the Dole by Walter Greenwood

A Classic in Translation: The Sing-Song Girls of Shanghai by Han Bangqing

A Classic Novella: Four Girls and a Compact by Annie Hamilton Donnell

A Classic with a name in its title: Mildred Pierce

A Classic Children’s Book: Mary Poppins

A 20th Century ClassicThe Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

A Nonfiction Classic: To Sir with Love by E.R. Braithwaite

A Classic Play: The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie

A 19th Century Classic: Ruth by Elizabeth Gaskell (didn’t blog about this, but really liked it, as I tend to like most books by Gaskell).

I am tempted to join in next year’s challenge as I know I always need a push to read more classics! How about you? What reading challenges have caught your eye?


  1. Great job, and what great books on your list — I read Mildred Pierce for a book group a couple of years ago and we all loved it — they really put the fun in dysfunction, didn’t they? And I’m very intrigued by your forgotten classic, novella, and classic in translation.

    Thanks again for signing up — I hope I see your name on the sign-up for next year!


  2. Blimey, that’s quite a challenge. At the other end of the scale, I’ve been so busy at work and other things recently I have almost forgotten what it is to read, so it’s a good thing I’ve got blogs to fall back on to remind me of the excitement and all the lovely diverse books out there.


  3. I was pretty proud of myself for finishing this challenge with all 12 categories, but it was the only one I succeeded in. I know what you mean about making reading lists and then forgetting about them, but somehow I was motivated enough to finish this one (although I kept changing the books I had on it). Next year I’m hosting my own challenge ( Reading New England ) but I’m going to do Back to the Classics again since I can do quite a lot of overlapping. Should be fun.


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