#AMonthofFaves – getting sh&! done!


I’m taking part in A Month of Favorites (hosted by Traveling with TEstella’s Revenge, and GirlXOXO) this December


Most Useful Tools For Getting Sh&! Done – apps, websites, journals or programs.

Well I decided to go rogue and change this week’s topic to Ways I get Sh&! done in my daily life as a stay-home mum. 

In March I wrote about my Day in the Life of a Stay-home Mum. Of course in young kids’ terms, March is a lifetime ago. The kids were almost two and almost four then. Things are so different nine months later, especially with a two-year-old. But one thing remains, I am still a stay-home mum. So here’s how I get Sh&! done.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

I try to tidy up as I go but things always accumulate. There’s always hair on the bathroom floor. Weeds in the garden. The kitchen sink needs cleaning. There’s things to do things to clean food to cook. But also books to read children to play with TV shows to catch up on heads to clear fresh air to breathe. I could spend my whole day cleaning and there will still be things to clean the next day. So I don’t. I make Fridays my cleaning day and just do what I can. 

Let the kids help

From a young age, pretty much as soon as they could walk, the kids learn to put their dirty clothes in the laundry baskets. They clear their toys when they are done – although they usually need reminding. And I put them to work here and there, like cleaning the table, bringing their dishes to the sink (or rather, the counter near the sink as they can’t reach the sink yet). I put my older son to help his brother with simple things like getting his water, helping him put on his socks and shoes. 

Eat what we eat

I don’t make separate meals for the kids. They eat what we eat. But I try to mix it up. Like rice and soy sauce-braised pork with stir fried cabbage one day. The next day, pasta with broccoli and sausage. I also happily resort to more processed foods for lunch like frozen meatballs with corn and mini bagels one day, (frozen) chicken nuggets with steamed sweet potatoes another, then hot dogs the next. 

Getting up early 

It’s not a necessity as the kids don’t get up until 630-645 but I wake up at the same time as the Husband, at about 550. We eat breakfast together, share news stories that we read on the tablet or phone, then by 630 he’s off to the Bart station to catch his train to San Francisco, about a 50-minute ride. During his busy months (pretty much every financial quarter), he comes home for dinner, helps with bath time and putting the kids to bed, then goes back to the study to do more work, sometimes until midnight. By which time I’m already sound asleep (I’m a 1030 bedtime person). So on those days our quiet mornings together are especially precious. 

Getting up early means I getting things ready for the day like packing water bottles for school, clearing the dishwasher, figuring out dinner. And just generally clearing my head to get ready for the onslaught of two little boys rampaging through. 

(Ok so they’re not that bad but sometimes it feels like that)


That is the way I read these days. It’s so much easier to read an e-book when eating lunch, to read an e-book on my phone while waiting in line for something. It’s also so much easier to borrow ebooks than to get to the library sometimes, especially when my library tends to open mostly in the afternoons. I like to take my kids to the library but taking them to the library means being in the kids section, and borrowing piles of  kids books. I usually end up lugging two big tote bags of kids books home. And books are heavy, even if I’m just going from the library to the car! So I borrow e-books from the library instead. It’s just easier. And easier to read too.

All right, that is all I can think of!

What about you? What do you do to help you get sh&!done?



  1. You’re such a productive person….Just reading your post I want to get up and do something. 🙂 I usually make lists and by the end of the day manage half or more of what’s there, depending on how urgent those tasks are. Take today for example, I finally managed to add a blogroll, something that’s been on my to-do list for ever!


  2. Dinner is much the same at our house! The kids eat what I have made and if they don’t like it, they can eat more of the sides or fruit/veggies. The exception, though, is that my husband has late nights at work twice a week. Those nights are mac and cheese or chicken nugget nights. Then I make dinner whenever my husband gets back!


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