It’s Monday and I’m thinking aboutbooks published in the 1970s


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Saturday was spent lying down. In bed. On the sofa. Thanks to a horrible cough, runny nose and general congestion. Some doses of Nyquil, mug after mug of hot tea later, and Sunday sees me back upright again. A bit of a Nyquil hangover but just so much better. That spicy lentil soup from last night’s takeout did help quite a bit too. So I didn’t get to read as much as I was hoping to, especially since it was 24 in 48 Readathon weekend. But I did manage to finish the third Elena Ferrante book I was already partway through, and two graphic novels, on Saturday alone.

I’ve been thinking recently about books that I’ve been reading. Usually in December I challenge myself to read those buzzed-about books of the year. This January I’ve been continuing to read those books, although I have been rather disappointed by a few of them (City on Fire I am looking at you!). I keep being drawn to all these shiny new books, published just last year, or those buzzy new releases that everyone is dying to read this year. I know I will never keep up. I do want to read some of them. There is bound to be yet another A Little Life kind of emotional read that everyone talks about and that I want to read too. But I don’t want to read books that don’t really work for me, just because everyone is reading it too. So I have been thinking about far older books. Not those published in the 2000s, not the 1990s. But older than that.

I am reading some classics for the Back to the Classics reading challenge,  the cutoff year for that is 1966, that is, books written at least 50 years ago. (note to self- get started on reading those books already!). But I’ve been thinking of books published in the 1970s. Partly because of David Bowie, and also because it was the decade I was born in, although technically I only lived about five months in the 70s as I was born in second half of 1979.

Anyway, I came upon this fantastic list of SF/Fantasy books published in the 1970s. Like Octavia Butler’s Kindred and Vonda McIntyre’s Dreamsnake! Poking around online a bit more, I learnt that Michael Ende’s Neverending Story, one of my all-time favourites, was also a 70s book, so was Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire, and William Goldman’s Princess Bride.

So the 1970s were not just about bad disco and bad disco hair. I’m going to have to figure out exactly what books from this decade I want to read. And maybe reread. But I would like to ask you, what were your favourite books that were published in the 1970s? Let me know!







Seveneves – Neal Stephenson




Greys Anatomy Season 8. Because when I’m sick, I’m drawn to Greys Anatomy. Is it because they treat sick people? I don’t know.


The Beatles on Spotify.



Hokkaido Cheese Tart from 85C, a bakery from Taiwan. In case you haven’t tried this tart before it’s like eating a not-too-sweet cheesecake baked into a tart shell. Interesting.

Afternoon Tea from Lupicia.


Ribs in the slow cooker (then finished by broiling in the oven, slathered with a homemade barbecue sauce)

Chicken stew and rice

Clay pot rice (rice cooked with Chinese sausage, boneless chicken thighs, lots of whole garlic, black soy sauce)


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  1. Ugh – City on Fire…I totally agree with you! Such a disappointment. Another one I really loved last year (one of my 2 faves of the along with A Little Life) was Did You Ever Have A Family….not as emotionally gut-wrenching as ALL, but still got to me pretty good.


  2. Sorry you’re sick. I’ve read but haven’t tried yet that an Epsom salt bath helps you detox when you’re sick and besides reading on Pinterest, a local radio station mentioned how ppl are talking about how rubbing Vick’s on your feet and wearing socks help with a cough at night. Get well soon.


  3. Oh, my gosh…ribs in the slow cooker…so delicious, right?!! One of my favorite comfort foods! Interview with a Vampire was such a great read; I read it many years ago and I still remember how creepy it is – ha!


  4. I loved reading your thoughts on the Knisley book! I think I will stock up on a few for the Readathon in April.

    It’s so interesting to me that book bloggers tend to focus on new releases or classic classics (from several centuries ago). Poor books from the 1900s get so neglected!!


    1. That is true. There are lots of classics blogs and of course plenty of blogs devoted to new releases. Maybe I should join the Backlist Books reading challenge.


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