Weird reads for the #weirdathon


Julianne at Outlandish Lit is hosting the month-long Weirdathon!

She says:

Read as many weird books as you can during march! You can set your goal low or high, it’s completely self-directed. To help you along, there will be achievements to give you more giveaway entries. Every week there will be an optional link-up for your progress.

Here are some I’m thinking of reading:


Vacant Possession – Hilary Mantel

I think Mantel herself is this really weird person. Have you ever heard her speak? She has this kind of creepy voice. And she does write some weird books.

Lock your doors, barricade your windows: Muriel Axon is back in town. It’s been ten years since she was locked away for killing her mad old mother. Now she wants to lay Mother’s ghost to rest and find her missing child. But above all, she wants revenge. Her former social worker and her old neighbours have made new lives, but Muriel, with her talent for disguise, will infiltrate their homes and exploit their talents for self-destruction, until at last all her enemies are brought together for a gruesome finale. Hilary Mantel’s razor-sharp wit animates every page. This malevolent black comedy has as many twists and turns as a well-plotted thriller.

The Man in the High Castle – Philip K Dick

I had already planned to read this for the Back to the Classics challenge. But it works great for this too.

It’s America in 1962. Slavery is legal once again. The few Jews who still survive hide under assumed names. In San Francisco the I Ching is as common as the Yellow Pages. All because some 20 years earlier the United States lost a war, and is now occupied jointly by Nazi Germany and Japan.

Man Tiger – Eka Kurniawan

Kurniawan’s Beauty is a Wound was a gloriously weird book that begins with a woman emerging from her grave. So I have high hopes for this one, originally published in 2004.

A slim, wry story set in an unnamed town near the Indian Ocean, Man Tiger tells the story of two interlinked and tormented families, and of Margio, an ordinary half-city, half-rural youngster who also happens to be half-man, half-supernatural female white tiger (in many parts of Indonesia, magical tigers protect good villages and families).

I am sure I have plenty more weird reads to uncover but this will do for my own reading list for now.

However, if you’re looking for more weird reads, boy, do I have some (that I have already read) for you!

Lots of good reads there. All of them have a bit of weirdness in them.


Are you taking part in the Weirdathon? What are your favourite weird reads?


  1. That’s quite a list. I have read ‘Binti’ only, and I liked it. I so want to participate in ‘Weirdathon’, but I am on a self-imposed book-buying-ban, so I am going to have fun reading your ‘Weirdathon’ posts. And, I read Miranda July’s ‘The First Bad Man’ last month, and found it supremely weird.


  2. Man Tiger sounds intriguing. So does the alternate history book – I haven’t been watching the tv show adaptation, but the trailers for that looked good too.


  3. I’ve just signed up for this – I read Hilary Mantel’s Beyond Black years ago and really liked it. It was definitely weird though! I don’t usually go in too much for the weird stuff but I just got so excited making my list for this, so much great stuff to read!


  4. Man Tiger sounds really intriguing! Another one for the TBR…
    And I love your list of weird reading suggestions! The Fifth Season was one of my favorite books last year.


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