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I think it’s interesting how some comics get talked about (at least by those I follow on social media) and some others, equally deserving, don’t. Like this one by writer Andre Sirangelo and artist Gabriel Iumazark, who are from Brazil. I had never heard of this one before, and only found it while I was browsing through Scribd’s comics collection.

And was immediately drawn in by its moody illustrations.


It is set in San Francisco, and is a bit dark and magical. As in, it has to do with a magician, a 1930s stage magician who was apparently killed on stage during his Russian Roulette gun trick.And there are some people looking for his secrets, convinced that he didn’t die on stage, that there is something in the strange underground bunkers.

It’s all rather curious and well, I hate to use the word but it does describe this book best, ‘edgy’. The switching back and forth timeline confuses me at times but in the end it was a fun read, full of codes, even one hidden within the comic itself, by its creators.



Fishtown – Kevin Colden
Ugh did not like this one. Apparently inspired (?) by a true tale of teenagers killing another teen to get money to buy drugs and random things. I didn’t really see the point in it. It was really just off-putting – maybe it was that none of these kids were likable, that I didn’t feel anything for them, maybe more of a back story was needed? I’m not sure. How is this weird? Well, teens murdering another teen for kicks, for one thing, but also weird because I didn’t really see the point in this story. Also, it was a really ugly yellow throughout. It was a let down.


Hacktivist – Alyssa Milano, Jackson Lanzing, Colin Kelly
Yeah that Alyssa Milano, who according to her statement at the back, was inspired by Jack Dorsey of Twitter, imagining him going home and fighting for what’s right (eh, really?). Anyway just to clarify, she came up with the idea (she’s credited as a ‘creator’) and there are actual writers writing this thing, so I do wonder what exactly she ‘created’. It’s an interesting idea, these Silicon Valley bigwigs who founded a Facebook-like empire, who also are hacktivists, using their knowledge and techie stuff to help spark revolutions in Tunisia. The only thing is that I wasn’t sure if that was something billionaire CEOs and CIOs would want to do. And also why were they so good-looking? Maybe Alyssa said so.



butterflyButterfly – Arash Amel, Marguerite Bennett, Antonio Fuso

What do you know? Someone else involved in Hollywood. It doesn’t say anything about him in the Goodreads page but Arash Amel is a screenwriter, responsible for Grace of Monaco starring Nicole Kidman. I hadn’t a clue who he was, nor have I seen the movie, but I was attracted to that cover art. A butterfly made up of a lot of guns. It made me think of that Smashing Pumpkins song Bullet with Butterfly Wings. Anyway, the comic turned out quite ok, one of those deep undercover agents who gets set up for a murder and somehow lands up finding her father, who disappeared years ago. But it didn’t have anything in particular that stood out, other than that image of a young girl being trained to shoot and that cover art.

Thomas Alsop Vol 1 – Chris Miskiewicz, Palle Schmidt

Yet another comic I had heard nothing of before spotting it on Scribd. But it was a haunting (but not in the creepy look-over-your-shoulders, don’t-read-it-at-night way, see Wytches for more on that) read, one that has its heart, New York. For the story is about “the Hand of the Island”, a role of sorts, passed down through the Alsop family through generations, the task is to protect Manhattan from evil. Somehow he senses these things and there is a bit of magic involved. But he’s not your typical do-good-er, when he first meet him he’s naked save for a guitar and his tattoos. He does quite look like the slacker. 

It is a bit of a love song to New York I reckon. 

Wytches Vol 1 – Scott Snyder ; art, Jock ; colors, Matt Hollingsworth ; letters, Clem Robins ; editor, David Brothers


I really didn’t want to have to write about this one, because it was SCARY!!!! Man, this book needs to come with a READ THIS IN DAYLIGHT sticker. At first I thought, oh a comic about witches, should be interesting. But man I did not realize how creepy this book would be. There are curses and pledges, and things that grow out of trees and underground, and a family caught up in all of this sh*t. It is a prime example of things weird and grotesque and freakish. If there is going to be a movie made out of this (and you know there will be), I am going to stay the hell away from it.




  1. Haha I was just gonna say I wanted to try Wytches but after my experience reading The Good House at night, I’ve found that I seem to be getting easily scared 😁
    I do love the look of the first comic, very moody indeed! Also, Hacktivist sounds nuts, I was imagining socil justice hacktivists being awesome but this one sounds like the CW version 😃


  2. I haven’t heard of most of these!! The Last Broadcast is one that I’m definitely going to check out now. Also um why did Alyssa Milano “create” a comic?? Bizarre. And is it bad that I didn’t think Wytches was scary enough? haha


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