#AtoZChallenge – A is for Ang Ku Kueh

My theme for the 2016 A to Z Challenge is #foodiefiction

A is for Ang Ku Kueh*

No one had remembered to cancel the catering order for the first month treats. So when the van pulled up outside the house and a hundred pink boxes full of red eggs and ang ku kueh were delivered, Jian’s heart skipped a beat and he reached out to steady his wife. He worried that she would collapse, but she simply stifled a sob, then started handing out the pink boxes to the departing mourners.


* In Singapore, ang ku kueh or red tortoise cake (glutinous rice flour skin wrapped around a sweet filling like mung bean, red bean, or peanuts), is often gifted to family, friends and well-wishers during a baby’s first month (man yue) celebration as it symbolizes longevity and good luck.

Thank you very much for reading my post. This is the first time I’m taking part in the A to Z challenge, after many years of reading my friend Melanie’s posts. Also, to my fellow book bloggers, I still intend on posting bookish bits while doing this challenge for the month of April, so please bear with me! Thanks! And I really appreciate you reading this!


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