#AtoZChallenge – B is for Bakkwa

My theme for the 2016 A to Z Challenge is #foodiefiction

B is for Bakkwa*

– You’re sweating! Stop it!

– I can’t help it. I’m so nervous…

– Ok ok. Maybe we can just explain that you’re a bad flyer. I can’t believe you get so worked up over this. Come on, the line is moving.

– What to do! It’s bakkwa. The bakkwa you find here is nothing like the ones in Singapore. That sweet-savoury goodness, that slice of tender meat. So good on its own. So good in a white bread sandwich. Sigh… maybe I should have brought more. Those few pieces aren’t going to last me very long you know.

– Well then you shouldn’t have eaten so many pieces on board the plane! You ate one before we even took off!

– Can’t help it mah. It’s bakkwa. It’s irresistible. It was calling my name… Daniel Daniel, come eat me!

– Yes but is it really worth it? You heard what May said about her friend, she got caught with some meat product or something and now every time she returns to the US she has to go to the special lane and they open her bags. Every time.

– We won’t be so unlucky one lah. My mother gave me the good luck charm. I believe in it. I believe in us. I believe in the power of bakkwa!!!

– Shhhh!! It’s our turn next! I really hope the customs officer doesn’t smell the bakkwa on you!


*bakkwa is a form of grilled meat, usually minced pork marinated and pressed into squares. It’s a sweet, savoury treat most often eaten at Lunar New Year but available all year in Singapore. Bakkwa, as a form of meat, isn’t allowed into the United States. Please note that this is entirely fictional and I have never attempted to bring bakkwa into the US although it is one food I desperately miss.




  1. OMG! I lived in Singapore for a few years and I’m SO nostalgic after reading your post! Can’t wait for the rest of your challenge, although I imagine a lot of your posts will fill me with a desperate longing for SIngaporean food 😦

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    1. How interesting! I didn’t see any mention of Singapore on those posts (I did scroll down to look at your previous posts) or I would have mentioned something! 😛 Where do you live now?


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