Top 10 Tuesday: Some of my favourite food sites



Ten Websites I Love That Aren’t About Books (you could go specific and do like top ten favorite food/travel/craft/fitness blogs I follow, 10 websites I visit daily,  10 fun websites I waste a lot of time on etc.)


I love food. I especially love baked goods. Especially if it has any chocolate in it. But dark chocolate please. Thanks very much.

Anyway, I was trying to figure out how to go about this week’s top ten Tuesday. There are SO MANY foodie sites out there. Blogs, magazines, websites, recipe sites. How does one figure it all out?


I’ve come to trust a few of them. Some for recipes, some for ideas. Here they are:

King Arthur Flour

It’s a company that sells baking products. You might have seen their flours in the supermarket. I don’t actually buy their flour (I buy whatever all-purpose flour Costco sells) but I really like their website. Take for example the last recipe of theirs I made, after deciding that I was in the mood for flourless chocolate cake. Here is their recipe. Do note that just before the ingredients list, there is an option to switch from Volume to Ounces to Grams. And that is really what every baking site or cookbook needs. I have an electronic weighing scale. The kind that is a flat surface and you put your bowl on it and tare it and start pouring flour and things into. And that is seriously the best way to measure ingredients. Also, for most of my life I have used the metric system and to me, it makes more sense that 1kg equals 1000g and not that 1 pound equals 16 ounces. (Also 0 C makes far more sense to me than 32 F!). And on some recipes, they have a blogpost with step-by-step photos. I love their bread recipes, their cake recipes and more. I would bake anything from KAF! Best baking site by far.


I use this website more for inspiration for kids’ lunches so I cannot say for sure how great their recipes are. But just look at this spread for school lunch inspiration!

Food Canon

One of my go-to sites for Singapore food recipes and inspiration.


Full of recipes and fun articles like What to do with Flavourless fruit

Smitten Kitchen 

She doesn’t really need much introduction! But I have to add in Smitten Kitchen because her recipes are generally pretty doable and also really enticing. I have to credit her cookbook for making me give pizza making at home a try! And I still use her quick pizza dough and basic pizza sauce recipes every time I make pizza. You don’t actually need to buy her cookbook for her pizza recipes. They’re right here!

i am a food blog

The simplest of blog names! Love it! And also love her mix of Asian and American recipes. Like Hong Kong style bubble waffles! Fried chicken grilled cheese!

Bake for Happy Kids

A Singaporean living in Australia. Her recipes include some Singapore style foods, plenty of healthy versions of baked goods and more. Yum. Also some really adorable photos! And she understands my obsession with Asian-style soft chocolate swiss rolls. 

Budget Bytes

Simple and accessible recipes with a great variety from different cuisines. Best of all, she even figures out what the ingredients cost her!  Also, I first experimented with cooking pasta in broth thanks to her bacon and spinach pasta recipe. 



  1. Smitten Kitchen made my list for today as well (how could it not!) but I should add Budget Bytes to my feed reader as well. I love her Dragon Noodles and I’ve cooked a few other things from her site. I also started using a food scale when I bake (and ingredients are given in metric). Makes me feel so much more confident! I’ve heard such good things about the KAF products but I haven’t used any either.


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