Books I picked up on a whim


Books I Picked Up On A Whim (however you decide to interpret that (bought or read or something else) — I know most people read based on recommendation but we want to know those books you picked up without really hearing about or knowing much about!)

 I’ve been reading randomly on Scribd, mostly to use up my credits which (HUGE SIGH) Scribd (*coughbastardscough*) doesn’t allow accumulation of too many audiobook and ebook credits. (I am pretty much going to cancel once my annual subscription is up in August!).


Modern Romance – Aziz Ansari

  • didn’t really know much about Aziz Ansari except that he’s a comedian and has a show on Netflix
  • hadn’t a clue what the book was about other than its title although that is a rather obvious title

Bluets – Maggie Nelson

The only thing I knew was that it was by Nelson, who wrote Argonauts, which has been talked about everywhere. But I have yet to read anything by Nelson so this was a first. Also, it was a very short book (113 pages).

Nextwave Vol 1 – Warren Ellis, Stuart Immonen (via Scribd)

This one was quite fun. And poked fun at the superhero comics.

A lot of the comics I read recently were random grabs off the comics shelves at the library.

Nijigahara Holograph – Inio Asano (my thoughts)
Hadn’t heard of this before but the cover was enticing!

Beauty – Kerascoët (Illustrations), Hubert (my thoughts)
I had read another comic illustrate by Kerascoet before, but wasn’t really all that fond of it. However, this one’s cover drew me in.

Andre the Giant – Box Brown (my thoughts)

All I knew about Andre the Giant was that he was in The Princess Bride. But it turns out he was a wrestler too! This was a great comic.

Memetic – James Tynion IV and Eryk Donovan (my thoughts)

Once again, pulled in by the cover art. What’s up with that sloth??

The Old Garden – Hwang Sok-yong (my thoughts)
A browse on the Overdrive library catalogue and I came across this. I like reading Korean writers but every Korean writer I’ve read so far is female. So I just wanted to read something by a male Korean writer, just to see what he wrote about.

What did you recently pick up on a whim?


  1. How many credits will they let you accrue? I’m blowing through back audio credits right now actually. Great post! I really like reading there randomly, and while I’d intended to cancel my subscription, I think I might keep it with the hope of not having a TBR in a few months.


    1. So it’s 9 ebooks and 3 audiobooks that you can accumulate. And 3 audiobooks is tough as it takes me ages to get through one! So I have to actively use up my credits although I won’t actually listen to the audiobook till much later. That’s not really working for me!


  2. With an annual subscription, do you receive all of your credits at once? It would be stressful for me to see so many credits at one time. When it comes to audiobook, I’m a slow listener too. I only speed listen to The Raven King because my month was coming to an end.

    Thanks to you, Andre the Giant is on my tbr shelf.

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    1. No they gave the credits every month even with an annual subscription.
      Hope you enjoy Andre the Giant. And if you too are a Princess Bride fan definitely listen to As You Wish!

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