Favourite 2016 releases so far


This week’s question from the Broke and the Bookish is:

 Top Ten Favorite 2016 Releases So Far This Year 

At first I thought I would skip this as I didn’t think I read many 2016 releases. I try not to get caught up in too many ‘it’ books, but so far this year I have read quite a lot of books published in recent years. Nearly half of the books I’ve read so far this year were published from 2014 onwards. (Note to self, read more books published more than 10 years ago).

Anyway, this topic is supposed to be about 2016 releases. So here are the best of those I’ve read this year.

The song poet – Kao Kalia Yang
I am still working on my post about this book, but I just loved it so very much. And I rarely say that about a work of nonfiction.

The conjoined – Jen Sookfong Lee
This book isn’t out yet but I just read a Netgalley copy and my word it is good.

Mr Splitfoot – Samantha Hunt
Another one that I didn’t post about, although it really deserves its own post. A haunting, unforgettable read that is at once modern and timeless. I don’t know how she does that.
Paper Menagerie and other stories – Ken Liu
Liu’s short story Paper Menagerie is just one of the reasons to read this short story collection. It is a brilliant heartbreaking story. And

The Fireman- Joe Hill
I’ve loved Joe Hill’s work since Locke and Key. And I must say that The Fireman may be my favourite of his novels so far.


  1. Well. I have been like “I really should read Joe Hill”. I apparently was having a moment because I have read all of Locke & Key. lol Go, me!


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