It’s Monday, Happy 4th of July!


It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a place to meet up and share what you have been, are and about to be reading over the week. This meme started with J Kaye’s Blog   and then was taken up by Sheila from Book Journey. Sheila then passed it on to Kathryn at the Book Date


Happy 4th of July everyone! What are your plans for the day? What did you do? Let me know!

We do the same thing that we do every year, we go catch the parade! Coming from a place like Singapore, where our National Day Parade is a highly orchestrated, thoroughly coordinated one (and lots of military precision), it is always kinda heartwarming to see this very American parade which begins with fire trucks, police cars, includes kids, dogs, bikers, politicians, veterans, farmers, dancers, the disabled, and Elvis. There are vintage fire trucks and police cars, tractors, fancy cars and floats. It’s all gonna happen a few hours after this post is published, but I’ll put up some pictures (and also on Instagram if you’re there).

Otherwise, it was a slightly better week. Once again hit with some sickness, but that thankfully lasted only one night (although that was a horrendous night with a lot of changing of sheets and a terrified kid who kept throwing up. An anti-vomit pill the doctor prescribed really helped and he was so much better after that.) And the rest of the week went ok! Swimming lessons every day. The weather wasn’t as hot as last week so that helped.

On Saturday, our neighbours came over for dinner and the kids had a blast with their kids (aged 1 and 4). And we all ate and drank ourselves merry. Sunday was more of a hang out at home and relax day, so I got some reading done as the kids played at their sand table and ran around the backyard.


Also I put up a photo of some of my books by Canadian authors on Canada Day on Instagram  and Litsy (and I know not everyone is on these apps so thought I’d share it here). Especially important to me is Carol Shields’ The Stone Diaries which my A-Level English Lit teacher in Singapore introduced to us. And it made me realize what great writing was. A-Level English Lit was also where I first read Pride and Prejudice!





The Book of Negroes/Someone Knows My Name – Lawrence Hill

I’ve just started it but it’s really engrossing.




The new Top Gear. Can’t figure out whether I like it or not!



Year of Yes – Shonda Rimes

I really love listening to her talk! Especially when it’s about her family and how they don’t really give a damn about her shows and her Hollywood business.



It’s 8pm on Sunday as I’m typing this up but earlier we had some icebox cake. My first ever! I experimented with Oreos (regular and birthday cake Oreos), and lots of berries, with layers of fresh whipped cream. Yum.


Just water


Something in the slow cooker, maybe a chicken stew. I have some celery to use up!

The kids love coleslaw and they are so happy to eat lots of it so I may make some and serve it with pork chops or something like that.




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I don’t know if you’ve seen this graphic by The Strand Bookstore but it’s so fun to follow along and figure out what book to read this summer!

Lonesome Reader lists his Best Books of 2016 so far

Added to the TBR:

Marriage Material by Sathnam Sanghera (thanks to Jenny @ Reading the End)

Thanks to River City Reading, so many books to add via her Follow-up with Your Favourite Authors post!


Last week:

I read:

Flight – Oona Frawley
The Time in Between – Maria Duenas
Everything is teeth – Evie Wyld
The Fox and the Star – Coralie Bickford-Smith

I posted:

I feel like I have been posting more on Litsy and Instagram more these days. It’s just so much easier to write something short and quick on my phone, than to sit down at the computer to compose a proper post. But I really do want to talk about a few books of late. So hopefully soon!



  1. Your ice box cake looks delicious! Husband got some of those little yellow cakes, whipped cream, and strawberries so we will be enjoying our patriotic dessert tonight too.

    Your Sunday sounds lovely. We have been having a lot of days like that around here. The kids are thrilled to play and I am getting a lot of reading in! Everyone is happy. 🙂

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  2. Happy 4th! I gloriously did absolutely nothing! I had a busy weekend otherwise, as I was in a wedding, so by Sunday evening I was completely pooped out. Today was a day of heavenly rest and quiet. I did two chores. Not a total loss of a day. Just a mostly total resting day. :p

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  3. So many of those Canadian books were on sale at Amazon over the weekend! (Ebook) I love Carol Shields and Barbara Gowdy. I really need to read Ru. I should have bought it in the sale…


  4. Happy 4th of July! I’ve been getting into baking more and find that I actually enjoy it. (This is coming from someone who doesn’t know how to cook much.) I need to move more into experimenting. (My sweet tooth is strong so that icebox cake looks delicious!) Instagram is definitely easier to use. I’m such a sporadic book blogger but I know that I’ll be talking about books on some platform in the universe too 😀


  5. I’m so happy that you’re reading The Book of Negroes! It’s one of my favorite reads this year and hope it is for you as well.
    I’ve been trying to read more Canadian Lit this year and have been better about it than any other year thanks to Naomi! I have other great books in my TBR. CanLit is wonderful.

    Can I celebrate 4th of July with you next year? D:


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