It’s Monday and I forgot to write this post


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Last night I sat down at my computer and thought, ok I will write this post, it is Sunday night already and it is to go up tomorrow, so just write it!

And of course I didn’t.

So here I am, on Monday morning, trying to quickly write out something. I realize that while it may just be Monday morning here (it’s before 7 am California time), the rest of the world has spun on and it’s nighttime in Singapore, and afternoon in London.

But here Monday is just beginning, so bear with me if you please!

It was an exciting weekend here. We decided very last minute to watch the Ringling Brothers perform. They have a new show called Out of This World and it incorporates ice skating, live music, a storyline, unicycling basketballers, acrobatics on horses, dogs, llamas, alpacas, donkeys, giant pigs!

I went in there with absolutely no expectations but in the end everyone had such a fantastic time. Even the 3yo who I was concerned wouldn’t stay seated for a two-hour show loved it and still talks about it.

Saturday evening we attended a picnic organized by the parents council of the immersion programme my 5yo is starting on Wednesday. We got to find out more from parents with older kids about what to expect. And the kids got to run around and tire themselves out and even slept past 8am on Sunday morning (that is a feat for my kids who usually are up before 7).

Sunday was far less exciting in comparison, but it was a good day nonetheless with dim sum for lunch and a good Target run (extra 10% off!) after.


And I made some salsa from our own homegrown tomatoes (although I had to add in a few store-bought red cherry tomatoes for extra colour) and jalapeños. 





Under the Midnight Sun – Keigo Higashino

It’s such a thick book but it’s a pretty fast read. Exciting!








Homemade raisin scones


Black tea


Picked up some nice eggplants at the farmers market so I probably am gonna cook them in two ways, one a spicy one with lots of garlic and chili, and the other in a pasta sauce.

I saw a nice recipe for chicken thighs and apple somewhere. Will have to go find it and cook it!

But for today we are eating leftovers.


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  1. That does sound like a wonderful weekend! My kids slept a little late this morning too, which was the exact opposite of what I was hoping for. My plan was to start easing them towards a school day schedule, since we start next week.

    I hope you enjoy your reading and your homemade salsa!


  2. I didn’t realize that they stil have live-animal circuses travelling in the US! I’ve heard so many horrible stories about the behind-the-scenes treatment and general stress-and-strain of the life.

    Isn’t “Shameless” fun? You’re watching the American version? I haven’t tried the UK version yet, but I’ve heard that it is every bit as good. I’ve just started into “House of Cards”, which I’m kinda loving, in a really bent way. *grins*


  3. Roller Girl is so cute and fun! I, too, went to Target because of the 10% off deal even though I wasn’t planning to. Was The Ringling Bros. show one ring or more? I find it hard to focus on/at the three-ring shows.


  4. Oh the Ringling Brothers performance looks like such fun! Glad everyone had a good time.
    I liked the sound of Under the Midnight Sun, especially if it’s an exciting read! And always yass to raisin scones and black tea, yum!


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