It’s Tuesday and what a great weekend that was!

It was Labor Day weekend and we drove up to the North Bay for a nice two-night stay in wine country. Most people who go up to wine country actually you know drink wine, do wine tastings, that sort of thing. But we have two kids five and under and so our version of a wine country weekend is a very different one.


We take a slow drive to Point Reyes Station where we have a so-so lunch at Station House Cafe and wander around this little town. Farmers market. Fancy food store. And more importantly a very nice bookstore, Point Reyes Books, where I picked up some books for the kids.

We drive up to see the lighthouse but parking is horrendous and it is really cold and blustery. And the kids were having none of it. The walk to the lighthouse was out of the question then! Instead we drove out to Drakes Beach where it was still cold and blustery but there was a little bookstore to hide out in.
The North Bay always amazes me with its number of bookstores. Every little town that we go through has an indie bookstore although we weren’t able to stop at them all.

Even this little store on a beach that’s quite a drive from the nearest town (which is itself a tiny town)

We stay in Windsor which like all self-respecting North Bay towns (or so it seems) , it has a little bookstore. The kids promptly find some favourites and the 3yo even grabs himself a seat on which to read. I buy RK Narayan’s The Man-eater of Malgudi. I had been wanting to read something by Narayan but my library doesn’t seem to have anything.
Armstrong Woods was our first stop on Sunday. The husband and I had been here before, years ago when we had gotten engaged. But i really liked being able to show the kids the gorgeous towering redwoods. It was kinda chilly though and they were getting hungry so we made our way to Graton for brunch. Then it was off to the Pacific Coast Air Museum for a really hot afternoon walking around and seeing airplanes and helicopters. It was a pretty exciting place but just way too hot! So we went back to the hotel to cool down in the pool

We had a fabulous dinner at Campo Fina in Healdsburg. Loved my Liberty Duck pasta and the antipasti platter was delicious.

We hadn’t really planned our Monday. It was more of a ok check out from the hotel then what? situation. With Glen Ellen just 35 minutes away I couldn’t pass up a visit to the Jack London State Park. London may have been famous for his world travels but he owned this piece of land, formerly a winery, in the hopes of becoming a rancher. He built a 15,000 sq ft house with 26 rooms. Spent $80,000 on it (apparently about $2.1m today) but never lived in it as it was burnt down before they even moved in. The ruins can be seen in the last photo. What a house it could have been. London’s ashes as well as his wife’s are buried near Wolf House.

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