Books I’m Looking Forward To in 2017 (the diverse version)



Books I’m Looking Forward To For The First Half Of 2017

(links are to Goodreads)

The Refugees – Viet Thanh Nguyen (Feb. 7)

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee (Feb. 7)

Ghachar Ghochar by Vivek Shanbhag, trans. by Srinath Perur (Feb. 7)

Exit West – Mohsin Hamid. Riverhead, Mar. 7

Tender – Sofia Samatar (April 11)

Notes of a Crocodile – Qiu Miaojin, trans. by Bonnie Huie (May 2)

Men Without Women – Haruki Murakami, trans. by Philip Gabriel and Ted Goossen (May 9)

The Nakano Thrift Shop – Hiromi Kawakami, trans. by Allison Markin Powell (June 6)

Boundless – Jillian Tamaki (June 6)

Sorcerer Royal – Zen Cho (July 4) – I realize this isn’t the first half of 2017 but I’m too excited to care.





  1. All new to be except Exit West, which has been all over Amanda Nelson’s social media accounts lately. Will have to check all these out!


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