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Today’s topic: Keep It! 5 Purchases That Were Totally Worth It


(I oughta take a new photo – I’ve put more books in now!)

IKEA wing chair

At $279 (and an additional $89 for the ottoman) it isn’t an expensive wing chair. I had, for example, also eyed the Crate and Barrel wing chair and the Room and Board one which both have the same retail price of $1299! But buying a chair, in addition to that new sofa we were getting to replace the nearly 10-year-old one, that seemed like a bit of an extravagance. However, when it was placed in the new library, it just made the room something special. It was definitely worth it!


As were the shelves! I know IKEA shelves aren’t exactly something that you consider a splurge. I mean, we also own some Room and Board shelves that cost far more. While IKEA shelves are relatively cheap, they require time and effort to put up. Never an easy thing when there are two young boys running around and getting in our way. Luckily they were content to sit by the side and watch us fix it (for a bit – then I had to go put Netflix on). And how perfectly the two shelves fit in the room! And now every night, before bed, we head to the library for story time!

Premium economy on EVA Air

OK so this doesn’t exactly count as it’s not returnable in any way!

On our trip to Singapore in July, we flew the Taiwanese airline EVA (via Taipei), something different as we usually fly Singapore Airlines (SIA). Because we booked our flight a bit late, we found out that the premium economy EVA Air tickets were about the same price as SIA economy! Premium economy also works far better because of their 2-4-2 seating vs economy which is 3-3-3 seating (we have two kids). And boy the legroom. It was so roomy that there was no need to get out of the seat to let one of the kids, or even the husband out. The seats also recline a lot more than economy, making it a flight on which everyone had a pretty decent sleep. Well, except me, because I can never sleep on flights! Flying from San Francisco to Singapore is a pretty long flight (20 hours with a 2 hour transit) so comfort is definitely a priority!


My husband is a big fan of Lego, and one of the first sets we built together was the Millennium Falcon. That was fun, but when we discovered the Lego building sets for adults, I fell in love with their amazing details! My 5yo will help put some pieces together but the small pieces are still a bit tricky for my 3yo to work on. So this is mostly a grown-ups kind of Lego. We have picked up a few building sets but so far have only finished the pet shop and we are almost done with the restaurant. I just adore the restaurant! I love the look of the kitchen, even the way they put together the wine cupboard and the curtains were just genius! Also there’s a dumpster out back with a rat.


You can see lots of other detailed photos at this review. 

These cute shoes from Kenneth Cole


And comfy too!

So that’s fine things, but I’m going to have another, the books.

I do not regret, never will regret the books!


  1. I have been looking at those Lego sets because I think I would have a lot of fun, but I just can’t get beyond the price yet. lol I am not sure what I would do with them once I finish them… I might start with one of the smaller sets. (I think it is funny that the age group for the sets on Amazon is 8 months to 50 years. Who decides these things? lol)


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