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First things first. If you haven’t watched the Gilmore Girls reboot – and especially if you’ve never seen Gilmore Girls at all – you really should just go carve out a good chunk of your time and go watch them all. Right now. Pop some popcorn, make lots of coffee, get in your pjs and settle down with Netflix. There are seven seasons and 4 90-minute episodes!

I’ve been watching and rewatching the original Gilmore Girls for years. And of course I watched the re-whatever it was when it came out. It was both exciting and comforting and also at times a bit disappointing (more Lane!! More Mrs Kim!! More Jess!! Why was Rory not even reading a book?? I love Matt Czuchry (Logan) but I did not like what he and Rory had going o). And that weird bit where they sit by the pool, I would just skip that entirely. Also while I love Sutton Foster, I won’t rewatch the Stars Hollow musical.)

An attempt at bookface for Litsy the other day only to realize later that my hair is horrendous!

I wasn’t at all disappointed with this book though. I mean sure you can’t go into it expecting writing that blows you away. But if you’re a GG fan then I think you would be happy with it. Lauren Graham writes in a friendly conversational way. Like you were sitting at Luke’s and eating burgers and fries and she was right opposite you, telling you all this. And pancakes and coffee. And tacos and coffee. It would be a really loonnng conversation.

Part of me wishes I listened to this as an audiobook but neither of the libraries I’m a member of had it in their Overdrive so eh. But I guess I could always sign up for Audible or something.

But back to the book. The best part of it is of course when Graham talks about the show she is most famous for. But she also talks about her childhood (she lived in Japan! Her mom was so glamorous!), she walks us through what it was like for her starting out as an actor and more. Interesting enough, but you know it’s kind of filler for what this book is really marketed to be – the book for the Gilmore Girls fan, published not long after the reboot appeared.

And it was a fun light-hearted read. It made me smile and gave me the warm fuzzies sometimes, as she reminisced about the show. You don’t go into a book like this expecting anything profound or insightful. It was a quick fun read and I just adored it for what it is, and pretty much what you expect from the subtitle From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls, and Everything in Between.


  1. My oldest daughter is old enough to watch Gilmore Girls, so we had fun watching the 4 new episodes together. It was nice to ‘see’ everyone again, but I agree that it wasn’t perfect (yes, the bit by the poolside – kind of strange!). At some point, I’m sure the two of us will get our hands on this book and read it – just for fun! Great pic! 🙂

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  2. Okay, okay: I finally decided to give it a try. Only four episodes in, but I’m giving it a shot! Cuz of you. She better start reading soon. (*giggles*)

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    1. A big part of it for me was Lane and Mrs Kim. I think it was more of a reflection of the time when it was first televised- 2000 to 2007 – that there were hardly any Asian characters (and especially teenagers) on American tv shows! So it was a big deal for me at the time.
      But yes she doesn’t read that much in the first few episodes I think. Soon!

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  3. I never watched the original GG, but have recently started it on Netflix. I’m just a little ways through Season 1, but only watch it sporadically when nothing else is on…and a lot is on right now.

    But I’m planning to listen to this on audio at some point this year. Have always liked Lauren Graham.

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