It’s Monday – happy Lunar New Year!


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This past week I’ve felt so much anger and frustration with all that’s going on here. As a US permanent resident, it makes me sad that someone who has gone through a long vetting process to get a visa or to get a green card, can be turned away at airports, detained for hours, handcuffed, interrogated, just because they happen to have been born in one of the seven countries. It’s already difficult enough to be here as a visa holder – I was here for several years on a H4 visa, which is the spouse visa for H1B holders. Under the H4 status, employment is not allowed, a social security number is not allowed. When our visas had to be renewed, there was a long process via the company’s lawyers, and when we returned to Singapore, we had to visit the fortress-like US embassy and be interviewed there. It always stressed me out going there, all devices had to be surrendered. Metal detectors everywhere. When we flew out of the country, we carried with us all our paperwork just in case we were ever questioned about our status. 

The green card process required all kinds of things like labour certification, medical exams, lots more paperwork and just so much waiting. By not detaining visa holders and green card holders, what is the orange man saying about this country’s own vetting process? Does it mean nothing?

Anyway, let’s talk about happier things.

It is after all Lunar New Year and we had a lovely time celebrating it, even though it’s just the four of us here!

On Friday night, new year eve, we had our reunion dinner hotpot.


And on Saturday, we went to the San Jose Museum of Art’s community day, where there were performances and crafts. The crafts were a little bit too hard for the kids and required help! We made Chinese knots, a rooster noisemaker, paper lanterns. And we wandered around the modern art exhibits, some a bit weird (like what looked like an Eyore made of mud), others quite intriguing.

The prompt I picked for the Litsy book photo challenge for Jan 28 was Asian authors.






Death in the Clouds – Agatha Christie

 The Devourers – Indra Das


Wreck-it Ralph. I watched it with the kids over the weekend but they didn’t like the parts where Ralph was in Hero’s Duty and I had forgotten about that part!


Nothing at the moment!



Nian gao dipped in egg batter and panfried.

Nian gal is a sweet steamed cake made from glutinous rice. I buy the premade version at the Asian supermarket (it’s bought for Lunar New Year for good luck. I think traditionally you’re supposed to offer it to the Kitchen God so that it will make his mouth sticky and he can’t say too much during his annual report to the Jade Emperor). The ones sold here and made in the US are usually firmer and less sticky than those that are found in Singapore.


Yorkshire Gold with milk.





The Misfortune of Knowing on the importance of writing today.


Just discovered the food blog What To Cook Today which is full of Southeast Asian recipes


Last week:

I read:

Bandette vol 3: The House of the Green Mask  – Paul Tobin, Colleen Coover
The Mistress of Spices – Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Shelter – Jung Yun
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  1. Yes, it’s been a strange and frustrating week. I never imagined I would be telling my kids that, although their grandfather came here as a refugee, there might be rules in our country now to keep them out.

    Happy New Year and I hope you love your books this week!


  2. Thank you for sharing some of your experiences about application processes and bureaucratic process related to visas and residency policies; it’s so important that we all remember that these processes and policies and concepts and intentions are affecting ordinary everyday people, not just those who are currently slipping through our social media channels (assuming we’re watching), that this is about all citizens, in and out of the U.S.A.

    And, happy new year! To all of you! Is that pot actually divided into two, so that you can make two soups at one time? I’ve never seen such a thing, but as I couldn’t make chili last night (which I was craving because it’s so cold right now) because the “big” pot was already filled with dahl, I would love something like this!


  3. Happy new year! Thank you for sharing some of your experience. It is so heart-wrenching to read and watch the news, but I’m trying to be more engaged and pay attention. That and reading and buying books makes me feel a little bit like I’m pushing back.


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