This Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book


Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book

  • Works in translation – it always makes me glad to see more works in translation!
  • Own voices – I recently had a prompt on the photo challenge I run on Litsy, “set in Southeast Asia” and despaired a little at the very few books that showed up on Litsy that were by Southeast Asians (true, I did not say “written by Southeast Asians” as I thought that would have been too difficult for many participants). But my point is that if I were to read a book set in, say Thailand, I would prefer it to be by a Thai writer.
  • An unusual setting – countries I’ve never been to like Turkey, Russia, Iceland, Trinidad. Or something set in space or other worlds

  • Comics/graphic novels – the truth is, put something in comic form and I would happily give it a try. Even if it’s by a writer I’ve had no success with previously. Of course I recently had the reverse happen – a writer I’ve adored whose comic book debut was sadly very clichéd. 
  • A great cover – well, who doesn’t judge a book by its cover? Sadly that also works the other way – if it’s a terrible cover, I would tend to shun it, unless I read otherwise about it!
  • Retellings of myths and fairytales

  • International crime series – I am especially intrigued by Japanese crime fiction. Just don’t call Higashino the “Japanese Stieg Larsson”. Gaaaahhh….
  • Recommended by my favourite bloggers and Littens!


What are some things that would make you want to read a book?


  1. Yessssssss, I love retellings. I have also picked up more than one book just because of the cover. In fact, I went through a phase when I *solely* picked books based on the cover.


  2. I was struggling to think what makes me read a book, and then saw that your last point about recommendations rang true for me. I think one of my most memorable reads, All the Birds, Singing, was something I read about on your blog.


  3. I love reading comics tooooo! I wouldn’t say I’ll read *anything* in comic form, but I certainly do want to read loads and loads of comics. They’re also quite quick to read, as compared with all-text books, which means that it’s a fairly low bar to entry if I want to read any given comic.


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