#AsianLitBingo- Ms Marvel: Civil War II


I adore Ms Marvel and only wish I could have read these comics when I was a teenager!

This isn’t the place to begin with Ms Marvel of course, as this is volune 6 in the series but it is the latest volume I needed to catch up on, and what can I say, I just think that the Ms Marvel series continues to improve and grow and become this amazing and important superhero comic series.

If you’re new to comics, especially to superhero comics, Ms Marvel is a great place to begin. Partly because it’s quite clear cut which stories go where, and there aren’t a million and one different issues and volumes to confuse you.

So who is Ms Marvel?

Well, her name is Kamala Khan and she is a teenager from Jersey City. She also happens to be the daughter of Pakistani immigrants and a Muslim. And as a teen, a daughter, a student, she’s got plenty of other things to take care of, like schoolwork, her friends, the curfews. She’s just a regular girl, who so happens to have superpowers – she is a shapeshifter. And also, she’s not Carol Danvers, she’s not six feet tall and full of muscles. She’s kinda skinny and a bit geeky. And so of course she’s a superhero.

I love that Ms Marvel is part of the Civil War II storyline. This involves lots of different characters, with Captain Marvel on one side and Ironman on the other. It all begins with someone name Ulysses who can predict crimes in the future. In this issue, Captain Marvel ropes Ms Marvel in to help her with some future crimes in her neighbourhood – and she has to decide between her hero and her friends.




I read this book for Asian Lit Bingo – Asian Superhero MC. 

While writer G Willow Wilson isn’t Asian, co-creator (and Marvel editor) Sana Amanat is Pakistani-American, and illustrator Adrian Alphona is Filipino. 



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