5 things this week

  1. The 6yo is practicing two songs for his piano recital in August. He’s very excited!
  2. He also attended a Mad Science summer camp and among the things they made is chalk, slime, a bouncy ball, and they’re growing crystals
  3. I can’t figure out if it’s easier to have the older boy in a full-day camp (i.e. 9 to 3) or half-day (usually 9-12). The 4yo attends half-day preschool so he finishes at noon. When his brother is around, the two of them are happy to play together – most of the time. But the 4yo doesn’t really enjoy playing by himself so he will always ask me to play with him and that really is quite exhausting!
  4. I have been reading books, but you really wouldn’t know it by the state of this blog.
  5. Something new is that I’m learning to crochet. I always lumped crochet into the “things grannies do” box but there is something kinda fun and fascinating about creating these pieces. Ironically perhaps (or not) I am working on a granny square blanket. I tend to be a rather fidgety person and a bit of a phone addict so working on this while helping the kids with piano/homework or while I’m listening to an audiobook or watching a show with the husband has helped me look at my phone less, keeps my fingers busy. And it’s kinda fun too.


  1. I tried learning to crochet last year and gave up pretty quickly. 😂 It’s really not for me. Hopefully, you do better than me.


  2. Although I haven’t done any yarn-crafts for a few years now, I still miss them. I especially loved the rhythm of the crochet hook – so mesmerizing! And I can see where it would make for a great way to wean oneself off an e-device!


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