Yayoi Kusama exhibit in Singapore

One of the things I definitely wanted to do in Singapore was see the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the National Gallery. You may have heard (or seen?) her famous pumpkin statues or perhaps heard of her fondness for dots.

We went early on a weekday and it was nice to be able to spend time wandering around the strangeness of her mind.

Pumpkins. Dots. Mirrors.

My 4yo saw this and immediately ran and hugged it. Of course he wasn’t supposed to touch it… oops



More mirrors!

Loved this one. It’s a box with a few different holes for visitors to peer into and watch this infinity light show. The colours of the lights keep changing.

This was one of the free exhibits – it’s her Obliteration Room. Visitors can buy colourful stickers (we bought the kids activity pack which came with a sticker pack each) and stick them anywhere in the room.

The kids of course adored this. I would have loved to see it at the beginning of the exhibition, when everything was white, and compare it to when we were there, when it was already covered with stickers.

The same exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum has a fun time-lapse video!


  1. I loved this exhibition too (blogged about it as well)! It was sooo much fun! Thanks for sharing your experience! Can’t wait to read more posts from you!


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