So the amazing Jenny (of Reading the End) just started this thing on Sundays:

The only guidelines are that you write about something that kept you on your feet that week, whether that’s a person that inspired you, an action you took that you’re proud of, a book or movie or TV show that nourished your heart, a self-care strategy that worked for you, a goofy event or moment that brought you joy. Whatever it is, every Sunday, I want you to tell me something that matters to you.

So here’s my something…

My kids have had tennis lessons for a couple of weeks now, but we recently switched from a Sunday class to a Tuesday afternoon class, which the main coach himself is teaching. And they just had so much more fun in this class. There’s another 4yo in this class too and my 4yo had a blast with that kid. It was just the cutest thing to see two little boys (who sometimes look smaller than the rackets they’re holding) trying to hit forehands and backhands.

Ok maybe that’s not really MY something, but my kids’ something.

Well, I was also glad to be working on this scarf and reading this excellent book!


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