#amonthoffaves2017 begins!

amonthoffavesA Month of Faves is hosted by AndiTanya and Tamara

Fri. | Dec. 1 – #AMonthofFaves [The 2017 Favorites Edition]– eg. to eat, drink, wear, smell, see, do, enjoy, best purchases, most used gift received etc, favorite concert, outdoor activity, place visited, most squee worthy moment of the year.

Fave eats:

So many. I found a new seafood place in Santana Row (EMC Seafood and Raw Bar) and they had this beautiful seafood tower with really all you could ask for in seafood.

We ate at some amazing restaurants in Singapore like Whitegrass (see my post here). The second photo is what we were served first – some little ‘snacks’ of a deep-fried little crab, a pea tart and some Parmesan crisps. The photo above was one of my favourites that was our first course and actually listed in the tasting menu (it was a five course menu but that didn’t included the ‘snacks’ and in betweens that they served us!). This was a beautiful presentation of roasted and pickled white beetroot and hamachi slices. The contrast of textures (crunchy from the pickled beetroot and soft from the roasted beetroot and hamachi) and tastes was truly sublime. It was the start of a truly amazing meal, the chef (who came out to present some of the dishes himself) was a master of combining western and Asian flavors as well as textures. 

Also there was Braci, a tiny restaurant where every diner gets a full view of the cooking (and from our table, the heat of the wood burning oven!). We were just across all the playing action. It was fascinating watching how it all went on.

Fave drinks:

I always start my day with Yorkshire Gold with milk, have a Nespresso mid-morning and then maybe some green tea later. I stick to water after lunch. Occasionally wine or beer.

Fave activities:

Hiking. We’ve explored lots of new to us places like the Sunol Regional Wilderness and Rancho San Antonio. The kids have done surprisingly well and enjoy our little hikes.


I started teaching myself to crochet this year and managed to finish several scarves, a granny square lap blanket, and some hats. I’m currently working on some kids mittens.

Fave place visited:

Every year we take a trip back to Singapore to visit friends and family. This year my parents and sister joined us in a little family holiday to Sentosa, a small island that’s part of Singapore and is full of hotels and fun activities. So all of us went to Universal Studios and had such a great time, despite the heat and humidity and crowds. We also went to the beautiful aquarium and stayed at the lovely Sofitel Sentosa Resort which had a lot of peacocks strutting around and a fantastic breakfast buffet spread included in the room rate.

Best purchases:

Well this year, we bought a piano. My 6yo has been learning to play since last year, and he had been practicing on a keyboard for a while. After much back and forth (it is quite an investment after all), we decided to go with a Kawasaki piano. My husband likes playing the piano so it’s a great buy for everyone!

And of course, books. Every single book I bought was awesome – even those I haven’t read yet. 😛

How was your 2017?


  1. I was wondering how you would do Fave book, as you read so many. I finally got round to reading Everything I Never Told You, which I first heard about on your blog. What a great study of how it affects you not to belong, and how important belonging is. You eat at some great places too, wondered how you would do that, as all the food you photograph is so beautiful.


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