Rabbit: The Autobiography of Ms Pat by Patricia Williams

I’ve been writing mini reviews of books read on Litsy and Instagram, and I thought I’d post them on my blog as well. I always feel that blog reviews should be longer, more thorough (whereas Litsy posts are limited to a certain number of characters). But often, I am daunted by the thought of sitting down and writing a proper blog post. So maybe putting these short reviews are better than nothing!

I hadn’t a clue who Ms Pat was before I borrowed this audiobook (turns out she’s a comedian) but there was something compelling about the way she unflinchingly tells her life story – teenaged pregnancy, life in the ghetto, drug dealing, an abusive relationship. Despite all this, she doesn’t give excuses, she doesn’t lay blame, and instead appreciates those who have shown her the way, to reach further, to dream.


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