It’s Monday and it’s been a sick week

Good day to you, wherever you are!

I feel like this year hasn’t been a fantastic one health-wise. Last year was pretty good – I don’t remember being sick much but this year coughs seem to have been plaguing me.

And last week, not long after we returned from Oregon (more on that in another post), I got the chills, and a cough and cold. Then somehow that got worse with some chest pain in the middle of the night. So I finally dragged myself to a doctor, he looked me over, listened to my lungs and all that, said, “it doesn’t sound like pneumonia but I’m going to send you off for a chest x-ray just to rule it out”.

Chest x-ray done, waiting for results, trying to cough discreetly into my mask in a corner of the waiting room, he calls me in and says, “it’s pneumonia”.

So I’ve always thought pneumonia was something that affected old people especially in their dying days. Apparently not.

Also, I’m not dying or in hospital or anything, in case you were concerned!

I was given an antibiotics prescription and told to rest and take deep breaths now and then.

And I’ve just been trying to rest and recover since!

My dahlias are blooming!

Last weekend, the boys attended a friend’s mini golf birthday party, did a Home Depot workshop, and we hit the farmers market and bought a ton of fruits and vegetables.



Amberlough – Lara Elena Donnelly


Lords and Ladles – a lovely Irish series about three chefs who recreate banquets from time past, including strange things like boiled turkey, Cabinet pudding, stuffed pike and more.


No audiobook at the moment


One of these pastries


Water and green tea. Also, over the weekend I made a lemon-ginger-mint-lemon thyme tea that was quite nice and apparently is good for coughs.

Last week:

I read:

Turtles All The Way Down – John Green
Paper Girls Vol 4 – Brian K Vaughan
A Girl on the Shore – Inio Asano

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  1. I’ve heard of quite a lot of young people getting pneumonia and it seems that because people don’t think of it as a first resort, it can get quite bad before people realise it’s more than a cold and seek help. It sounds like yours has been caught fairly early, good luck with the antibiotics.
    Hope the pastries made you feel better. I always want to eat digestive biscuits when I am ill.

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  2. Oh no! Pneumonia is no fun and I can attest to it being something young people can get too – I had it when I was 24 and spent two weeks sounding like (in the affectionate words of my brother) “a dying hippopotamus”. Good luck resting up and getting better!

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