Birthday books!

It was my birthday yesterday and I had received some books and thought I should share it with you fellow book lovers!

So this one wasn’t a surprise as it something I decided to do this year and sent my mom in Singapore a list of books that she could order from Book Depository and ship to the US. These are all books I’ve read and loved but don’t have copies of. And I especially love these beautiful editions! I haven’t seen them in US bookstores before either.

These books were a lovely surprise from the husband and kids.

I’ve been collecting the Minalima editions of classic lit – The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast – and love the stunning illustrations and the fun interactive elements. I knew that the Little Mermaid was out but didn’t know about The Secret Garden which is one of my favourite books since childhood.

This video doesn’t exist

Isn’t it just beautiful??

Also the husband ordered this really decadent chocolate mousse cake from a fancy patisserie in Mountain View.

And we went out for some yummy Korean fusion food – kimchi fried rice, Bulgogi kimbap, soy garlic wings and spicy wings, Bulgogi cheese fries! Yum! What a great meal!


  1. Happy belated birthday! I looooove those Minilima editions — I saw a few of them at a bookstore on a vacation in January and was overcome with desire, but managed to resist. They’re so gorgeous and fun though, I’m not sure my resolve with last forever.


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