Baking with the boys: French Apple Cake

I don’t like to buy apples from Costco. They’re huge and I find that huge apples tend to be a bit mealy. But we were doing a Costco run and the husband suggested doing some fruit juice so I just quickly grabbed the plastic shell full of Fujis and continued on the rest of the shopping trip – milk, bread, eggs, butter, paper towels etc.

But we didn’t finish all twelve apples so I’ve still got six sitting on my counter.

What to do with them? I started looking up apple cake recipes online. There are French apple cakes, German apple cakes and so on. Which one to go with?

The seven-year-old doesn’t have summer camp this week – it’s the last week the grandparents are visiting and I figured that he might as well spend the time with them. But first in the morning, we did a bit of math and practiced reading some Chinese. And while I was browsing through some recipes, with him looking over my shoulder, he asked me to check out this video which led to the link to the recipe.

It’s a simple cake recipe but what sealed it for me was the interesting “frosting” on the top, made from sugar, egg, melted butter and lemon zest, which is added on top after the cake is baked for 30 minutes, then the whole thing is baked again for about 12 more minutes. I did however reduce the sugar in the “frosting” by half as I was using Fuji apples which are a lot sweeter than the green apples that were in the video. Here’s the link to the recipe and video!


It was just a great texture and while I made it with Fuji apples (and also reduced the amount of sugar in the cake), I would like to try it with green apples, which was what was used in the video.


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  1. This looks terrific! Our apples just now are coming into season. The best won’t be ready until the end of August, but I like to use these first for baking because they are more tart. I’ll give this a try this coming week.


  2. It’s almost apple season around here (ok, so maybe a few weeks), I’m bookmarking this recipe. (I was out of town so I’m late to respond.)


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