#RIPXIII – Graveyard Apartment by Mariko Koike

Graveyard Apartment doesn’t bring on the creep factor early on. Instead it opens very much like a typical domestic story. A family moves into a new apartment. But this apartment so happens to be located next to a graveyard. Which is of course the main reason why it’s so affordable – and thus attractive to this young family buying their first home.

And it does seem pleasant enough at first, with some beautiful daphne flowers blooming, and even cherry blossoms bordering the graveyard. The family sets about getting routines down, like getting kindergarten uniforms for their daughter and meeting the neighbors. A couple of unusual things does happen, like their pet bird dies and there seems to be a strange image on the TV but nothing to ruffle feathers. That is, until their daughter gets injured while playing in the basement, and things start getting weird from then on.

Graveyard Apartment is rather slow-moving as horror fiction goes. It was originally published in 1986 and perhaps the pacing of the storyline reflects that.

But when it got going, it did get pretty creepy for me – but then I am a big chicken when it comes to horror fiction – and found myself wishing I weren’t alone at home (and I live in a very quiet neighborhood).

Would you live near a cemetery? I wouldn’t.


  1. I started this book last year, but I’ll admit that I didn’t finish it. It was just a little *too* slow for me. I put that up to translation; I didn’t realize that its original pub date was 1986!

    I totally would live next to a cemetery. 😉


  2. I would absolutely live near a cemetery. One hundred percent. I would actually prefer that. On weekends when the weather was inclement, I could look out my window at the families interring their loved ones, and it would be similarly satisfying as being inside during a thunderstorm.


  3. I couldn’t live near a cemetery. No way. I do like the sound of this though and this is too awesome that you’ve already read one book for your RIP challenge.


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