The Overstory by Richard Powers

Coffee, homemade chocolate digestive and this amazing majestic read that feels like it should be read in the middle of Muir Woods or Armstrong Woods or some place like that, the morning light flickering in and out of the leaves.

I loved how the opening chapters are of different characters who seem to have absolutely nothing in common with each other – a young coding prodigy in Silicon Valley, a family on whose land the only American chestnut resides, a man saved by a fig tree.

And oh the writing!

“Strange and beautiful math governs the subtending of the hundred branches, thousand twigs, ten thousand twiglets, a beauty that the barn full of art has just primed her to see.”

A book to read in a forest, under (or perhaps in?) your favourite tree. It is glorious and moving and unforgettable



  1. I just listened to an interview with him on “Books and Authors” on BBC last night (I listened last night, it’s a few weeks old) and thought it sounded absolutely wonderful. I’ve only read one other book of his and thought it was quietly remarkable but nothing like this – sounds like a writer whose backlist would be worth some time! One the furor has died down a little, I’ll seek out a copy of this one!



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